Should MyTake be "something I wrote myself" or "Copied"?

I found intresting Subjects & want to share it with you But I don't know GAG terms about "MyTake"

I mean if I wrote the source down **


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  • #1. Don't copy. Adopt! Copied myTakes will be removed but modified ones won't.
    #2. Take help from other articles. If you liked them, tell us WHY you liked it and what's YOUR opinion on that. THAT will be called as "myTake" because it'll be yours.
    #3. You could copy/paste "some" content (not all), remember to give credits.
    #4. Try to be different. Be unique. That will get you attention and make you shine out of this horde.

    Good luck :)


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  • It should be something you mostly wrote yourself :) I mean you can't just copy/paste a whole article 1:1 and claim it's yours. But it's okay to include a few sentences that are quoted by using "quotation marks".


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  • NO NO!!!

    Otherwise everyone'd copy and earn tons of Xper...


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  • MyTakes should always be original. MyTakes that are copy/pasted from other sites will be removed. If you found something interesting from another site, you can use pieces of it in your own myTake about the topic, just make sure you put it in quotation marks and cite the source. Plagiarism isn't cool. Make it your own work please. :)

    • Ahaa that's cool , honestly I thought GAGers was copying their Takes & I said why gag are ok with that. but now I get it , it's like collage articles hhh I also thought GAG will be ok if I copied it & wrote the "source" down

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    • Thank you so much 😊 ,, now I know what it was all about , very good terms 👍🏼

    • No problem! :)

  • For the most part, you should write the myTake for yourself. However, as with any article, it does not hurt to have quotes and sources listed. It helps the Take seem more credible, as long as those sources are credible themselves.

  • You can also include links to other articles within your on MyTake and writems about your thoughts on those other articles. As long as theyre used primarily as a source of reference.

  • A myTake should be something you wrote. Copying and pasting articles, to me, is just plagiarism. How would you feel if someone took an article you wrote and posted it on a site like this?

    If you want to get a discussion on certain issues, then do some research, and write up a myTake with your thoughts on the issue. Ask prompting questions to get discussion going and then that way you can still bring up issues, but not be just copying someone's work.

    It's perfectly acceptable to post links, and ask what people think of the article. But just copying the article in my opinion is bad taste.

    • I still think a myTake should be something a GAGer writes. That's the whole point of the name "myTake" is that it's your take on something.

    • I thought GAGers was doing that & I was wondering ,,, Yes true plagiarism is not cool that's why I wanted to make sure... I'm against the idea too. I never copied someone is article.
      Also u gave me a good idea by posting the link & ask question 👍🏼

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