What is it with all of the gender hatred on here? Which do you think is more common?

  • Hatred towards women is more common
  • Hatred towards men is more common
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  • Honestly I've seen way more extreme hate towards women from men. It makes me question how women treat men these days. To cause them to end up hating them that much.

    • I've taken notice that most women haters have feminist, sometimes man hating, mothers, the mother attempts to raise the son to be a feminist and the kid almost always ends up a woman hater

    • It's just crazy because once I started gag I've seen some serious hate with what dudes have said about chicks. It's to the point that it kind of freaks me out and feel like majority of dudes on gag hate women with a great passion.

      I haven't found a question where women had posted a long horrible list of hate towards them. Yes some some bad things about men. It's just no where close to the hatred men on gag seem to post.

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  • On this site, definitely more anti female hate. There are countless questions and takes about how women are just evil, golddigging, succubi.

  • To be honest I don't think I've seen a MyTake/question describing how much a person hates men. But I've seen quite a few from guys talking about how they hate women or how women are evil.

    • There are a lot of man hating links in there too

    • I had a lot more links but it didn't fit

  • Hmm... I don't answer questions like that unless it's a problem that people actually want to fix in themselves to turn away from hatred.

  • Brah you write a my take? haha

  • I think you made your point.


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