Is it possible to hide the question?

And I don't send any friend request because of the same reason . Is it possible to hide the question so that no one can view my question. MY ENGLISH IS NOT SO GOOD...kindly IGNORE GRAMMATICAL MISTAKES IF ANY.


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  • If you would like a posting to be changed to "Anonymous," please send us a link to that specific

    posting, and we will do so. If you would like your user name to be changed, please send us 1) your

    old user name, and 2) what you would like your user name to be changed to.

    To make your profile private, log in to your account, and go to your "Account" page. Click on the

    "Settings" tab, which is the very last tab on the right. You will see a "Privacy Settings"

    section. Check the box that says "Set Profile Private."

    Thank you.

    LondonPrincess Team

  • I think that anonymous questions don't show in your profile.

    What does it have to do with sending friend requests?


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