Is it the GaG website or my phone?

Does anyone else experience their ending the web browser and going back to the home screen on their phone?

When end I go back into the web page it reloads and I have to sign in again... Then once I do it does the same thing and kicks me out!

I find myself signing in 5+ times before the website works.

This happen to anyone else? It's really starting to bug me!


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  • that may be a glitch and not the website itself.

    you may consult with an admin to help resolve your issue if they can.

    • Thanks. It's been doing it for weeks but only this website.

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  • Are you clicking the "remember me" button and it still logs you out? And just to clarify, this happens after you close your browser and then open it back up to use the site again?

    Please tell me what device and browser you're using and we can look into the issue for you. :)

    • It's an I phone and I mistyped the beginning. I'm just using the website and my phone will go to it's home screen. I'll go back into the browser and the page will update and I have to sign in again... It'll do this multiple times until finally it'll work. It's been doing it for weeks but it doesn't happen with any other website. I'll try the "remember me" option and see if that helps.

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    • Ok thanks!

    • If very few or no one responds to my question we'll also know it's most likely not the website but my phone

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  • What phone/browser are you using?


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  • Yes, I've heard of this being an issue and have seen an error message while browsing myself.

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