How can I do this?

How can I remove my commentschedule from another person's question?


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  • You cannot do that!!. There is no way, at least as of now there is no such feature that will allow you to delete your own comments. If you need that to the removed you can at the most contact an admin, but then you will have to come up with a good convincing reason as to why you want your comment to be removed, but then the final decision is theirs, and it's highly unlikely that your wish will be granted.

    Hence it's always better to think 10 times before you write/post any comment to someone's questions, read it more than once before you finally post it.

    That would be a better choice, because until you post, you have control but once you post you no longer have control over that.


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  • You can't remove your opinions or replies. You must need to watch what you type.

  • I'm not sure.


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