How do I get more followers?


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  • I don't know if I should tell this to a fifteen years old but since you asked for help I'll be super blunt.

    ●First of all, you're a girl. You'll automatically get a lot of followers. Compare our profiles with respect to Xper level and the number of followers. You already have a lot.
    ●Use your body. If you think you're pretty, put your face as your profile avatar. If you think you have a good body, use bikini pics instead. You'll be overblown by followers and MHOs. Set your profile private to control dick pics.
    ●Flirt with boys on opinion replies.
    ●Be funny
    ●Be blunt. Guys here like such girls.
    ●Be too nice to other girls. Treat them like sisters.
    ●Follow a lot of people. Some of them will follow you back.
    -------- the hard but the right way --------
    ●Post very good, helpful and intellectual opinions
    ●Post indepth, original myTakes eloquently
    ●Ask unique, genuine and friendly questions

    Do the things described above. You'll hit 200+ male and 100+ female followers till you hit Guru.

    Good luck :)

    • yup, this sums it up... just the pic, and frequent commenting will make wonders for you

    • The first one is so true! I've noticed that girls usually have quite of a good amount of followers, except me :( But I don't care, lol.

    • @Hollywood-Glam flash your beauty ;) it doesn't hurt having more followers.

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  • - Follow others. Sometimes they will follow you back.
    - Post comments and opinions that others can relate to and think are good or funny.
    - Talk to people first through replies for a while. That way, they get to see your personality and enjoy talking to you.
    - Talk to people through messages as well.

    Of course, none of these will guarantee you will get followers by doing so, but they can help.


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