Should we make adding images for MyTakes optional?

I really have a hard time findin' images for each paragraph when I post a MyTake so they won't be irrelevant...

And I don't see how images're needed anyway... text isn't enough?

And ya know wot? Personally I believe a MyTake wid images appears to be less serious... so they're no good at all generally...

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  • personally, i think that mytakes with images are better. if i were to read one without images id probably get bored. they add another level of meaning, giving the text a higher quality, so I voted no.
    this way they'll push ur creativity =]

    • Notice so far, everyone voted first option...

      First of all how'd they made texts during 80s and most part of 90s? Obviously no images...

      And why should I try to search for an image which's both relevant and not stupid? And I doubt people care about images... they care more about text... which's dictionary grammar I should add...

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    • By default...

    • well thank you.

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  • A MyTake without images would be very plain looking and bland. If one doesn't want to put the effort to upload images, then the person is too lazy to write a MyTake in the first take and should refrain from doing so.

    • Lazy?

      If we were lazy... we'd not write an essay...

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