So is gag trolling people?

Ask to feature a question and within minutes later it is closed. However, the funny thing is gag has left a question i have that's even older open. Wonder if this whole closing thing is a cop out just to not feature particular questions.



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  • Questions are closed when you select an MHO -or- after 48 hours of inactivity. Looking at your question, it has not had any new opinions or opinion comments in 2 days so that is why it closed. However, when it is featured, it will be re-opened by us.

    • You said you loved my question and it would be open forever.

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  • How can your question get closed minutes later? I mean for 2 days your question will remain open.

    • ---Question open for 2 days
      ---Has older question which are opened still
      ---Send gag request to feature message and get confirmation message
      --- 2 minutes after Question closes

  • you may want to consult an admin with the issue.

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