Why does it suck to be an Indian guy on G@G so much?

-I mean, its ok now, but when I joined this place three months ago, I was creeped more than a sixteen year old girl on the HDIL topic.
-And my opinions were straight out dismissed because I wasn't 'white'(no offense to white folks)
-I'm automatically a creep because my profile says I'm from India? Wtf?
-Getting a follower is a pain initially, you've to really grind for them.
-And in the bigger scheme of things, some people are still extremely racist and ignorant on here.


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  • My follower was unhappy? Who did this to you? I heard some things a while back about it being Indian men doing the harassing but it could be anyone really, it ain't hard to select a different country on the profile (I even pretended to be American for a while to get MHO)


    Also the whole "do you sex with your dog" thing, I don't know if you heard about that. . . .

    if anyone gives you trouble just say virgin hunter was worse and leave it at that


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  • Dude, you know something? It's just that a lot of non-Indian men on this site create profile stating they are Indian, just to send creepy messages to girls and let the Indians get the blame for it. Just adding fuel to the fire.

    I had a different profile, back in 2013, and I experienced extreme racism and prejudice as you, due to being in India. Now, since I'm pretty well known around here and most people realise that I'm not creepy in any way, I don't face too much discrimination.

    Besides, I have moved to Australia now. So unless they enlarge my profile picture, they probably won't know I'm Indian! :P

  • There is nothing wrong in being an Indian, even I am an Indian. You should just ignore those people and their comments if they say things like that and plus such judgmental people are there everywhere.

  • I feel you but I don't let it affect me. Though, I admit it's hard to ignore all these things (never happened to me on this site).
    But you have to admit that many Indians online on these sites are borderline creeps. My female friends have shown me some things and I've seen really stupid Indians starting with racist comments. (Again, never on this site)
    Those are very small percentage of Indian people online. It's like 5-10% of Indian who are creeps post so much dumb shit that it looks like majority of us are doing that.
    100 Indians post 1000 comments.
    10 of them post 500 creepy comments.
    90 of them post 500 normal comments.
    World thinks half of Indians are creeps.
    People should stop generalising...

  • Ha-ha lol I don't know you are Indian! I Indian too!
    Well what can I say... Some people are racist and ignorant mfs...
    Don't let their behavior affect you..!
    I don't treated that way here cause I give my opinion and don't find a fuck about about others think about me...
    Some random full of hate girls block me for giving my opinions on don't questions...

    But majority of girls are really nice and cute over here... And many girls follow me by their own choice...
    Lol I got lady followers more than guys...
    But that's because I am honest on most of my opinions... and I don't message anything creepy to girls.. i just compliment them... Lol :-D

  • Not gonna lie dude, there are many Indian retards here (hell, you guys even beat Americans with this one). But you are definitely not one of them, you seem like a nice and respected person, and I have seen a few of your opinions that I liked.

    • Aww thanks man, I agree about the Indian retards tho. But I just wish this generalization crap would stop.

  • The bias against Indian/Pakistani and Muslim men is real on this website... I've been here on GaG for 6 years and this bias has been here for most of my time here. :-/

    There was a choice few users before you came in that set a bad tone here with women. But thats my only guess, good thing my profile doesn't say India *phew*

  • Ignore them dude "we are rocking "


  • I'm Native American.

    At least people don't think you guys are all dead lol

    • No they think we're the living dead. Lol. Well nice to meet an Indian from the other side.

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    • I'm also very opinionated, but the difference is that you and I agree so it's harder to tell lol

    • Lol. Yeah.

  • Hmm well there are some racists and bigots here and there but I didn't think you were greatly affected. I usually like your opinions and give them an upvote.

    Sorry to hear your experience wasn't so great.

    • Most people aren't even aware that I'm an Indian until they check my profile, but to speak the truth I'm biracial. And once I open mouth about my country. Shitstorm time.

    • I couldn't care less where someone is from, I judge by content.
      Honestly I thought you were White

    • Lol, I get that a lot.

  • i think its more of your approach because sex or relationship with the opposite is so taboo there

    taboo or scarcity can make someone obsessed and if sex isn't allowed to be expressed in a healthier way, they come off as creepy.

    i went to school with lots of indians at some point and white girls use to tell me a lot of stuff about what they say and how they dont pick up nuances like not to stare and keep staring at the gym etc.

  • Ignorance can be a blessing sometimes. Ignore them.

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