Is there a specific amount of reported & removed opinion or question before the admins will kick me out of GaG?

Example, If I get a certain amount of reported/removed opinion/question. Say I reached 50 as an example, will the admins cancel my account?


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  • Honestly, I don't think there is a set number of removed questions, opinions, or replies that the admin. team has set in place before banning someone. I think it's done on a case by case basis. For some users, I've seen them writing ridiculous comments over and over before being banned. For another user, I think it just took one incident and he was done. It depends on the severity of what you're doing.


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  • No. If you continuously act like a dick, then they'll ban you. But if your posts are removed once in a while (rarely), then no. There is no limit. They may tell you to tone down.


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  • In approximately 2.5 more opinions you'll be banned 💩


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