Why did the make the size of a picture in order to fit in the voting poll option 50x50 pixels?

Before it didn't have to be that small in order for it to be embedded and why didn't gag inform us of this change

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  • I have no idea what you're referring to because I haven't changed my pic but I'm pretty sure I'll be annoyed by the update... Half the time I can't fit my pics in there now 😒

  • Not sure, they're always making changes.
    Since I create a lot of myTakes I use photobucket, upload whatever image that is "too small" and resize it as a way to fit it here.

    • That's too much work

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    • Well the closed questions, bring the admins more benefit than actual users. For the simple fact that when questions are closed it brings more attention to the hundreds of questions that go un-answered daily. Closing the questions, was an attempt to provide people the help that really needed.
      Also, people that go with tons of questions unanswered due to "popular questions" having more traffic are more likely to leave the community.
      As a way to expand GAG and have it be a helpful community to all, that is their visual.

    • And more users have actually left here now when the closed questions was featured and that Brazilian guy who always does those update gag my takes said questions being answered has only increased by 5% that's just a small difference.

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