GaG made it possible: Gender Change and Power for Everyone?

I'd like to thank GirlsAskGuys today. Remember all questions about us being the opposite gender for a day? Today everyone is, I see that my profile is showing that I'm a girl and the girl's profiles are showing them that they're guys. I just came to a conclusion that I'm lesbian because today I looked at many women and felt attracted to most of them... I still can't find my boobs either. It's being really confusing but I think I will get used to it.

Oh and now everyone is an admin, I have true power and I'm glad I can share it with you!

Thank you again GaG, this April 1st is being amazing! xD


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  • I can't be a woman. I don't shop uncontrollably, if I bleed for 7 days I die and I can drive a car for more than 30 minutes without hitting something.

    • But according to GaG you are, maybe you suffer from some disease. I must suffer from this disease either since those things don't happen to me as well.

    • I suffer from the disease of being a woman with a penis, no breasts and no womb.

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