Do you think there should be a new tab under your profile that listed you like posts?

Hey everyone, I always have trouble find posts I like and wanted to follow. The only way I know of... is trying to find it in my "Opinions" section and scroll to find it. Sometimes I still can't find it as it might have been last month, etc.

My question is... How many people think it would be a good Ideal for GAG to put a NEW tab that list questions your "Liked". Kind of llike a "Favorites" List?

  • 1/A. Yes, great Ideal ;-)
  • 2/B. No, I don't want it ;-(
  • 3/C. I don't care, I just want to see the results.
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  • typically, if I have a post I truly like, I follow it then. a month from now, I won't even remember what it was.

  • No..

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