G@Gers Over Level 5, Are you more Jaded to most questions from newer G@Gers?

Trolls not withstanding, but rather certain repeat questions that can be easily answered by searching the site. It seems to me, the higher the level the more combative the member to repeat questions. Sometimes even going as far as to chide new members into feeling dumb or ashamed they musterd up the courage to ask their question in the first place.

Typically I refrain from answering the same question over and over. Still I see advacnced G@Gers giving snarky remarks to honest questions rather than just bowing out. Is it really that hard to move on if you have nothing to say?

  • Jaded
  • Meh, Depends
  • No, I help where I can
  • Let me explain...
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  • only repeat popularity questions annoy me
    otherwise, no
    people like the social interaction aspect of having their question answered
    besides, the search function here sucks


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  • Completely jaded. I tend to purposefully misdirect people under Xper 2.

    Once this girl asked if this guy, who clearly didn't like her, if he liked her and I typed "Yes." Oh, I bet she got the surprise of her life!


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  • Nah, I try to help where I can.

    For example, I see the question "Does he [or she] like me?" with the main "sign" being "he [or she] looked at me." I see that question a ton of times, but I know that the issue still arises. It is an understandable situation that develops in teens with "crush bias." I try to answer them if I can, even though I feel like I am answering the same thing over and over.

    Likewise, I used to see dick insecurity questions a lot too. I'll answer those despite the repetition, because I understand that dick insecurity isn't a rare experience and many have been through it before.

    Same thing goes with How Do I Look questions. If I can understand their situation, I'll answer it, even if I've seen it a thousand times before.

    If anything, from answer the questions a ton of times, I can more easily formulate an answer from them since I have developed my thoughts over multiple repetitions. It makes it easier to answer and probably also gives a stronger answer.
    I feel like xper 1 and xper 2 people ask the questions that other members have asked once before from a time long beforehand. It would make no sense to completely bash the person because we've probably been through the experience before... just at a different time in our life.

    ... And as someone else mentioned, the search function here is AWFUL. I find it actually much better to go on google and try and search for stuff on GAG from there.
    You could google questions for an answer, but that doesn't let you personalize your issue as much. Rather, it gives you general answers for problems, but it is harder to find exact answers for issues.

  • I help when I can. The same question may be asked many times, but each asker is hoping for a personal reply, rather than one that was given maybe days ago.

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