Why can't I share my take?

I keep getting a notification saying that I have already shared the same post, but I haven't. Is the title too short? (It's at 23 characters). I have a picture included. What's wrong?

I took apart my take and saved after adding back each picture and paragraph. The problem seemed to be with the last paragraph so I took a screen clipping of the text and re-inserted it as a picture. It seems to be fine now.


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  • That can happen if you have shared similar content before. The system may be picking up on it as being too close to the wording of a previous myTake. Try changing around the content some and see if it will work. If not, just let us know and we can look into the issue.

    • Do you mean the wording of the title or the entire myTake?
      If I added in more pictures and video would that change it enough?

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    • @xHoneyxBeex could it be because I repeatedly use some of the same words? (The take is about expectation so I use that word a lot)

    • It's probably not from using that one word repeatedly but you can try changing some things around and see if that works.

  • I'm assuming it's because you have a post that is similar to the one you are trying to post already. Try changing the title, the phrasing in the text, etc...

    • I skimmed through my other takes and I don't see any topic that seems similar to me.

    • Also, how does the system determine what is too similar?

    • Hmm, well, if you really feel that the title and body of your myTake isn't similar to anything else you've written, I would talk to an admin about this issue. I'm assuming the similarities would look into the title and what you have actually written.

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  • Not sure

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