Is there a link post limit on mytakes?

I. e. Say I wanted to do something like make a mytake on "500 things you can do with shrimp," and then posted 500 links to different shrimp recipes... Would it work when I try to post it?

P. S. I'm not making a mytake on 500 things you can do with shrimp.


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  • It would not likely work, and not because of any link limit, but because the combined lengths of the links would exceed the 20,000 character limit.

    • I thought links don't take up any characters except for maybe 1?

    • I've noticed this issue with multiple links in questions where part of the question gets cut off, even though you are below the running post length count. The only reasonable explanation is it is because of the length of the links. I see no reason why it wouldn't be an issue with MyTakes, too. @gagTake, care to chime in on this one?

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  • I don't think links take up characters Technically the limit is 2500 links, one link a line each line counts as a character but that's without words.

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