Do you think there is attractive people on GAG?

any 10s?


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  • Everyone is attractive in their very own unique way.. "Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder"

    • As amazing as you always are.

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    • Not offended the least bit. I only felt respected.

    • @HaveNoName.. Phew.. Thank you.. I can now sleep in peace tonight. x

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  • Yeah there's tons of attractive girls. Some get less and less attractive by their attitudes and posts tho. Even a super gorgeous 10+ becomes repulsive when they are just plain mean and snotty people. I guess I should use the correct word, they are NASTY HORRID BITCHES, they make me cringe. There's a few of them but only a few, less than ten for sure. Then there's many other gorgeous girls that are amazing like xhoneyxbeex, pampered, bubbiexo (gone 😢) but I'm spoiled cuz I still get her great advice if/when I need it hehe lucky me, kris85, douride2 and others.


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