Can a question be posted by a user who is anonymous, and then remove the anonymous?

Question states it all. Some anonymous users want to change their question from anonymous to not anonymous.

Opinion owners can post anonymously then remove it. It appears that the question askers cannot. Does anyone know of a way to remove the anonymoous (which used to be easy)


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  • No, the option to switch between anonymous and non-anonymous on questions is no longer available.

    • Finally an authoritative answer. I misunderstood on another question thinking about the opinions rather than the question itself. Had to try it out for myself. Thank you. Now the only question remaining is "Why, GAG, Why?" lol

    • Lol well, it was done because the Anonymous function and Private Opinions are mutually exclusive now. So, anonymous questions cannot receive private opinions. If the Asker was able to switch back and forth between anon and non-anon, it would make that aspect pretty complicated. So we just decided to not allow Askers to switch anymore.

    • That makes sense. Although some of us find the private option questionable. Mainly because it seems to open the chances for more inappropriate opinions to underage girls.

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  • i believe u can. I don't know what it's like with the new updates though. haven't asked an anon question in forever.

    • See the opinion by xHoneyxBeex. It is no longer possible. Another "feature" of the "new and improved" GAG. Like the "Downvote".

    • Another change then.. Thank u.

  • I don't think so.

    • Looking that way. :-)

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