So now GaG try to silence me cause I talked about depression and suicidal thoughts?

Man thats f**ked up. Jesus, didn't know it was part of the policy to kick people who are down. GaG go around and beat up the homeless too?


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  • From the Posting Guidelines you agreed to follow when you joined the site:

    "Suicidal Tendencies - Posts that glorify suicide, questions asking ways to commit suicide or giving suicide ideas, or opinions that encourage suicide will be removed. Example: “What’s the best way to commit suicide”, “Go kill yourself.” These posts are removed and we send the user a help message informing them how to get help."

    GaG is a silly site with silly people who give really fucking stupid answers. If you're having issues, it's better to talk with professionals who can actually help you. Don't you think you deserve real help instead whatever stupid we manage to scrape together?

    • Well then my question should get put back up. didn't glorify suicide or ask of ways to commit suicide or suicide ideas, nor anything that involved encouraging. If anything it encourages suicide by having it removed, cause thats probably the worst thing anyone could do to me honestly, if a random person said something stupid, I wouldn't give a rats ass about that, but I would care about opinions from other people who struggle or understand. Like say if I wanted someone suicidal to take their own life, I would try to silence them, Its the worst u could honestly to someone suicidal, so which ironically, GaG are breaking their own rules then, cause encourage it by doing it this way.

      True some do, but not everyone is stupid, but in my personal experience the majortiy of "proffesionals" are even more stupid (And not much help). They follow a code or a book that was written by one drunk guy with drug problems on top of it. Was nice to read the opinions I got -

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    • Thank you, thats very kind of you to say :). Appreciate it :). Not sure what bugs me the most honestly, I just want the messages people left back, some shared part of their life story and experience, its just not right.

    • Maybe you can ask them for them?

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  • I am not a GaG mod but I think the logic goes like this.
    They are trying to avoid the formation of a suicide pact.
    While a question about depression and suicidal thought may help people who suffered from the illness come together and form support groups it may also work the other way around.
    I suppose it's a sort of deniability policy for GaG

    • Even on sites that adress and talk about depression or suicide I never heard of any inicdnet of any suicide pacts taking place. I think thats more like just a poor excuse to not have to deal with the things that are little tougher in life. A depressed person or suicidal person has most likely heard all kinds of crap before. I think its way way way more likely they would get from talking about it than the opposit, and im pretty damn sure again that trying to silence people who do are more damaging than any "may/possible" suicide pacts happening. But good point if its a deniability thing though, which messed up again if so really.

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    • Yeah, I rather they own up to it though, than come with poor excuses that its to protect others or the people who struggle.

    • Thanks for the MHG

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  • As per posting guidelines, questions about suicide will be removed. G@G would rather you seek professional help about something as monumental as suicide is. Users can share personal experiences about the topic, of course. I know I could discuss my own thoughts on the matter, but I don't think they want anything about the subject pushed in case that sets someone over the edge or makes their feelings worse.

    I get that it is sometimes helpful to talk to others, everyday people, about your concerns and struggles. It's helpful to know that you're not alone and that there are people out there that feel the same as you do. I think the site just doesn't want to push any boundaries on something like this and recommend better help than what any of us can provide.

    • Sad that really, that basically GaG dont accept people who struggle with being depressed. And is an assumption that also. Just talking about suicide dosent mean you aren't seeking proffesional help. And obviously, seeking proffesional help dosent mean suicidal thoughts go away, its silly in itself really since are no real cure for depression. Well GaG themselves are the only one that has pushed me in any sense and made me feel worse. By yeah trying to silence me.

      Its a shame though honestly. Just kick people who are down by doing it this way. Pushing boundaries again by trying to silence the people that need to be simply heard the most. Which curious again yes, so what if someone is seeking proffesional help and then choose to talk about it, then what?

    • Perhaps it would be better to label it under the topic of depression instead of suicide specifically? Then maybe you can further discuss your thoughts and issues in the comments, noting that you are going to a therapist or not actually going to act on these thoughts or something. Honestly, it's just a topic I typically avoid because it's so sensitive.

    • Well I haven't really labeled anything, and if mean when ask question or something, I just choose "other" I think. All I did again was simply ask how depressed people battle/fight suicidal thoughts, wasent talking about acting out on anything. I see, Personally I never shyed away from such topics, or well any topic for that matter, but I been helping people for as long as I can remember, so not so weird I suppose.

  • i think what u need to keep in mind is that this is not an adult website. your shitty thoughts can bleed into the young minds on here and influence in ways u can't imagine. they aren't trying to knock u down. they're trying to protect others on here, and protect u from yourself.

    you can speak about these things but rather in the hope that you want to recover, not talk about the negative path you're happy to continue on.

    • Yes, protect me senpai.

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    • not sure where u got me judging u from. I'm not referring to u specifically. i dont know shit about u. in saying 'you' I'm referring to any individual who does that.

      anyway that's my 2 cents. I'm out.

    • Fair enough, but in that case its not related to my question, nor how I am as a person. This category of indivudals or whatever wanna call it.

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  • Yes, posting questions on those subjects, topics are not allowed here. I think GAG might believe that this will promote negativity and pessimism. Those kind of questions will be removed without any delay.

  • If you talk about suicide it's a GAG policy to remove the question and provide you with resources for council.

    • Yeah what a joke. A number I can't call and "resources" to one site that dosent do me any good.

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    • Forgot about those, lol, but they refuse to even say what it costs (only say may be free, may cost). Im short on money lately. And their online service is hardly open, 4 hours a day or so and not now. In either case, I appreciate it you taking the time, so thank you :). kind of you :)

    • No worries, we've all had very depressing times that's why I posted the video.
      It's important to know that whatever your problem is "this too shall pass".

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  • I like how they throw the posting guidelines in your face. as if anyone reads them on their own.

  • Serious question, but how is the site removing "I am sad, I wanna kill myself" posts fucked up?

    It's more fucked up that people post that shit to begin with, nobody wants to read that shit.

    • boohoo life isent sunshine and bunnies? Wasent what I asked, I asked how depressed people battle/fight suicidal thoughts. If people can't handle simple things like that, ironically people need a reality check. I thinks its f**ked up either way, people post all kind of angry, hateful, argumentive nonsense or super shallow gibbrish here all the time. Dont see why if people are sad or down that you should try to silence them. Should silence everything else here too then.

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    • I'm aware you never asked that-- I didn't ask what you asked, re-read my question pls.

      I'm not saying anyone should be silenced, I'm saying no one gives a fuck about how shitty people's lives are.

    • Overall, true. But I care about people who struggle anyway.

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