In terms of content and originality , who writes the. best mytakes on GAG?

There are lots of great mytake writers here on GAG. But in terms of uniqueness I think @CHARismatic110 and @Ginnyweasley97 both take the cake on this one. The former writes random mytakes mostly dealing with reality and real life experience. While the latter makes several good points on being an introvert, tv shows, political spectrum, and she wrote a kickass mytake about why Gaston did not deserve Belle due to him being an egotistical jackass. @Stacyzee is another great one when it comes to sexual themes and @justbanannaz has several varieties of good mytakes as well.


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  • Thanks for the recognition. I've received pms overtime of people requesting that I write about certain topics because they love how I put things into words , and people that say they like my writings. Lol, none of them saw this question however.
    Writing is truly a art and it is something I love !

    • Also, the way each of us write are so different that it cannot be compared.
      My writings sound far different than ana or char. This really all comes down to someones personal taste , and of course exposure.
      Not everyone reads my mytakes.
      After 100 I've had people saying they're reading mine for the first time and I'm their new favorite.

    • Thanks for mho :)

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  • I probably answer nearly as many takes as I do questions and I find a lot of them very high quality. There are about 15/20 users I will keep an eye out for, they know who they are because we interact a lot on their takes/questions but that said I check the take feed every day and probably respond to 75% of them.
    To all the Take writers keep up the good work, I enjoy reading your articles even if I don't agree with some of them.

  • @rescuemyheart

  • i don't think there's anyone who writes consistently good mytakes. i see a few good ones here and there, but no one who kills it constantly. i also don't regularly check up on new mytakes, either though

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