Why does everybody ask those generalizing questions with unfair implied assumptions about the generalized group?

bonus points for recognizing the irony of the question.


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  • Because people on the Internet are angry and full of hate.

    • yes that´s true. it has been proven that anger is the most contageous emotion too. it´s a vicious circle.

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    • Yea irl men are nice to me and I never really experience misogyny. Except for men complain about women drivers! But then I come on Internet and so much of it. So it makes me wonder if men secretly think all these horrible things but they just don't say them cos they know people will think it's bad.

    • yeah the driving thing is funny... i know more men than women that actually can not drive well at all. but still more woman actually say they are bad drivers even though i didn´t feel like that when she was driving.

      i think some of those things like "women belong in the kitchen" or "go make me a sandwich" are kind of stupid self running jokes that "some" guys don´t realize aren´t funny at all. i guess it´s meant to be known that this is not serious. at the same time some dudes do actually believe it xD very confusing.

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  • I don't know, but now you've caused me to see this as a very personal attack very specifically on me! I will point out that not everyone is the same; in fact there is someone somewhere living in a tree who has a very different experience than everyone else on this planet ergo your observed experience is inaccurate AND simultaneously I take offence at your generalities marking me specifically!

    • i will now go forth and take that discussion on personal level and insult you instead of accepting that my question was insulting and bullshit. i clearly am not obliged to consider other peoples emotions.

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    • :D good times man.

    • 😎🙃😋

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  • Because the people that do that are sexist and stupid.

    • lol didn´t expect such an on point answer xD but to be fair it could just have been a bad day and the people are actually quite nice :D

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    • I do read the male posts and I honestly think the women are the worst. However, I do respect your opinion.

    • well it´s not really a well based opinion xD it´s rather a general feeling. i have no proof for it so you might be right about it.

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