CONTEST: What's the most interesting question that will be asked on GirlsAskGuys in 100 years?

CONTEST: What's the most interesting question that will be asked on GirlsAskGuys in 100 years?
Hey GAGers! It's time to get creative.

Put your imagination to work and let us know - what's the most interesting question GAGers will be asking on GirlsAskGuys in 100 years?

We'll award a $25 Amazon gift card to two users (one guy/one girl). The GAG content team will choose the winner, but upvotes on opinions will help our decision! The winners will be announced on Friday.

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Most Helpful Guy

  • Is the LGBTQDESRCIAXPEMSWLZUYTBEMDHFALIBEDJUKPMBATGU movement going too far? I mean, at first it was just gay men and lesbian could get married, then so transgender people can use the bathroom they identify with, then it was not allowing full-gender men to stand up when they pee, then it was taking down stall walls around toilets, then it was removing bathroom walls entirely, then forcing all businesses and government building to have all glass walls so we could make sure nobody was standing up to pee, then it was glass walls at private dwellings, then it was banning people from being 100% straight, then straight-conversion therapy, then banning gender - specific underwear, then banning gender labels all together...

    I mean, that's all reasonable stuff and not a problem but now they want to ban testicles, I mean, I know 100% male genitalia is evil and stuff but don't humans need testicles to reproduce? I mean, I guess there is artificial insemination so maybe it's not such a bad idea?

    • *downvote*

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    • @TheSpartan - Really? You have nipples don't you. Guess what they are or I should say would have been had you not been short part of a chromosome.

    • @ThePostMan I don't understand what you're saying.

Most Helpful Girl

  • I believe the questions would be:

    "I am 130 years old. Am I too old for a girlfriend?"

    I have just finished my cryogenic treatment and I came out refreshed and young. I still look young, but I am worried hat if they found out my real age, they will dump me. So tell me, am I too old for a girlfriend?

    "What planet were you born on?"

    I am apart of the group of individuals that were sent to Mars 100 years back and my mom had me on the planet in the city of Marshian. So are you an Earthling or Marshian?

    "What kind of smartphone do you own?"

    I have the iPhone 102s. It's the best because it could produce holographic pictures and it has a retina scanner so I can unlock my phone. They're still like 100 years behind though.

    "So what do you think of the first Asian president?"

    Bryan Ling is in the top selection of candidates running for president in 2116. Do you think he has the chance to actually win?

    "Is my penis big enough?"

    I just got a penis transplant do you think it's enough to please women?

    "Do you think animals will become extinct soon?"

    There's 20 billion people on earth and rainforests are only a kilometer across Brazil. How soon do you think wildlife will go extinct?

    "Do you think we would still be living on earth if we weren't nuked?"

    So we got nuked and had to take an emergency mission to Mars and I am writing from space. So cool!

    "How old are you?"

    116 years old. How old?

    Yeah that's all I got so far lol. 😋


What Guys Said 182

  • "Is it cheating if it's an AI?"

    "If women can inflate and deflate their synthetic breasts, is it ok for me to grow or shrink my artificial penis too?"

    "My girlfriend doesn't want to give birth. Do you think it would be ok for me to propose we grow our embryo in a tank?"

    "My husband just got brought back from death but he has amnesia. Should I stay or leave?"

    "I want my new kid to be a son but she wants a daughter, which chromosomes should we choose?"

    "She got me aids from our ONS, should she cover the treatmen or is it my fault for not being careful?"

    "The guy I met in the VR game looks completely different in RL. Should we just stay together in VR or is a RL relationship still necessary today? Are VR relationships real?"

    "My boyfriend and I had internet-nerve-connecting-sex. It felt real even though he was not here. Am I still a virgin?"

    "He said that bitch hacked in to his brain chip and forced him to have sex with her. Is that a stupid excuse or can it be done? Should I dump him?"

  • Is my 12" robopenis big enough for you girls, or should I get an upgrade to the 16" model I've been seeing in my retinal targeted advertising? The ads say that 12" just doesn't cut it these days...

    • haha this is exactly what i was thinking

    • Should be adequate unless you're planning to bang a slime girl on Zeta Prime, in which case you may want to go for a FlexiShaft-III model that can adapt to bigger sizes. Ah and make sure to take along plenty of Standardized Solid Water Bars. Slime girls love Solid Water Bars. Huhu, I really do love slime girls... GL! -o:-3

  • 120 year old dangerDoge asking in a bitter voice:

    "Do any of you whippersnappers want to hear me rant about the good ol' glory days back in 2016 when we could downvote answers?"

  • I don't know about most interesting but the most common will be: "I sent him a zwark and it's been 40 microseconds and he still hasn't responded. Does he like me?

  • something along the lines of
    do women really care about a man's penis size?
    do men like small boobs?
    Could i possibly pregnant?

    • That's not very futuristic haha

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    • They care about the size. Yes I love small one lol

    • I agree with madhatters.

      Then again... that movie Her and video game Love Plus suggest a change.

  • What teleportation company has the cheapest fees for teleporting on other continents? Is it charged by the distance and is it possible to subscribe for flat rate teleportation?

  • If you had sex with a clone can it reproduce?

    • And if it does, do you become the mother or the father?

  • 9|10
  • I'm 123 years old and never had a girlfriend. Is it too late? I can still run a mile in 3 minutes, so I'm quite fit.

  • When was the first time you fucked an android and didn't realize it was an android until after you were finished fucking him or her?

    How many planets or space colonies have you been to?

    Do you remember the day when the very first Real Plasma Rifle was invented and announced?

    How about the very first time when they had been successful with experiments on matter teleportation, does anyone remember that?

    How many intergalactic deployments and combat drops have you been on?

    Did you know learning used to take time but now it's almost done within a few days or weeks merely by implants and downloading information we want to know and desire into our minds?

    Have you been on any space safaris hunting various other game not available locally on Earth?

    What was it like the first time when you dine in on a distant planet and only had various alien lifeforms to choose from for meat dishes?

    • Lmao how long have these questions been sitting in your mind?

    • @Akilahblah. Long enough. I really hope to actually live to see 2116 and assuming GAG is still around by then. Now if only immortality or the ability to greatly reduce the side effects of aging is affordable and attainable then that will increase my chances. Attainable by means through new scientific advancements such as bioengineering and molecular nanotechnology.

  • Would she date me if she's from Mars and I'm from pluto? :/

  • In what solar system were you born in?

  • In 100 years: Who here still remembers a California not owned by China?

    Who here remembers when hard drives all had 2D data storage?

    What's your favorite old movie from before 8K HFR Autostereoscopic TV was the norm?

    Can you believe the Amish just adopted 4G LTE?

    Why does my Silver Burdett history book make ISIS out to look like the good guys? My grandpa remembers what really happened. (Some tard will respond: "Quit being a bigot!")

    Can you believe that there used to be no such thing as purple labs? Your pup came in only one of three colors!

    Should I donate my 1991 Golden Grahams cereal box in mint condition to a historical museum for the antebellum era preceding Civil War II?

    Can you imagine life if we didn't pony up and nuke the Kaaba?


    I'm sure many more quickly are possible, those are just the ones I can imagine someone asking.

  • Does it still count as cheating if I let my robotic maid to blow me?

  • "Is seven inches enough?"

  • Is my 18 inch, robotically enhanced penis big enough?

  • "How old am I and could you guess from which Planet I am?" + picture

  • "Who are the hottest cyborgs on GAG? Tag them now!"

  • Am I still a virgin If I slept with Synthia 3.10?

  • Great Grandson asking "Grandpa what is 1+1, my phone broke"
    Human downfall

  • Hey Guys have you had problems with your digital visual transmodifier?

    I was in the middle of having a pillow fight with three hot chicks from planet SB1 when I was about to undress them it glitches and it took me back to a recording of me and the wife's honey moon on the actual Moon, my mod implant is fine, its got to be the flux generator installed behind my eye, right? Can any person, android, or extraterrestrial help me with this problem?

  • How does my power Armour look (is it too rusty)? what power Armour do you guys use in this post-apocalyptic world?

  • Seeing the trend that is going on here... and the stubborn/ignorant people on here...
    the most popular question will probably be
    "why did he/she break up/divorce me?"...
    or if the "how do i look" section is not taken down, yea, that might get a little popular.

    • They want most interesting not most popular.

    • @Josht11 AHHH... gotcha gotcha...
      dude... thats not even fair... it could literally be anything.

  • GAGers, now that the UK is a Muslim country under Sharia law, do you think it would be okay for me and my fiance (I'm gay) to take our honeymoon there?

  • My husband died. Would it be wrong to splice some of his DNA into a new puppy?

  • (a female asks, anonymously of course) My boyfriend told me my three breasts weren't big enough then he took off in his flying car. I've been hologramming and hologramming him and he won't answer. Should I move to Mars and shack up with a zork? Vote Yes or No.

  • Why have so many women give up on men and start using test tube babies and other replacement devices to replace males? Were so lonely...

  • Is hologram sex cheating?

  • There are actually a few more i am curious about so let me ask :
    - How do i see if she her port is compatible with my plug?
    - How long does a file transfer usually last?
    - Are all F models PlugNPlay compatible?
    - Do i need any sort of firewall or virusscanner when plugging in unknown devices?

    Some non robot related ones :
    - I have a short distance relationship with my girlfriend in Tennessee, i live in Amsterdam myself. Should i still be worried about cheating?
    - Does this hologram make me look fat?
    - My ex keeps beaming into my dreams, how do i stop her?
    - What are these amazon giftcards everyone keeps talking about? Everytime i ask my personal robot she keeps telling me its an extinct store from the year 2023 replaced by laser transport technology...

  • My boyfriend dumped me and he's moving to Mars, should I call him and ask him to stay?

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What Girls Said 127

  • When I think of the future I think of robots. So that coupled with a lot of stuff I see today, I can see something like this:

    Anon male 18-24
    "18 and still a virgin. Should I just buy a lovebot?"

  • My husband died so I tried to clone him, but the clone doesn't love me. Why?

  • "Is being 12 and still a virgin a turn off for Guys/Girls?"

  • I don't think we're gonna be robots or anything XD but we will surely be extremely influenced by the technology. Also, kids like myself are super sexual, in 100 years this will be crazier.

    So... sex + technology.

    Sex has 3 letters, technology has 10.

    The tenth letter in the alphabet is K.

    Sex has 3 letters. K, K, K.

    KKK, KKKanye West.

    KKKanye West is illuminati.

    This means GAG in 100 years will be illuminati. :O

    Questions will be illuminati confirmed.

    Twerk has a K in it. Questions will be twerk related.

    "Why can Jada drop that ass lower than me?"

    But wait... K is not the tenth letter in the alphabet... J. Jada is illuminati confirmed

    On a serious note... I should finish my essay :(

  • His exteroceptive sensors are made out of aluminum, mine are made out of copper. Will our wires get crossed?

    *pun absolutely intended* :p

  • How could people live a 100 years ago when there was no teleportation. Did they actually have to use their legs?

  • insecure cyborgs filling the How Do I Look section with sexual images of their motherboards

  • Is it cheating if I fuck a robot?

  • Do you think these contraptions were used as torture devices?

  • Trick question- The internet will not be around in 100 years. Something more innovative and new will be around.

  • How did those humans back then write with pens and pencils? How did they even manage to cook themselves a meal with their hands? Our world is so advanced now , all we need to do is "think a thought" and it happens.
    We are literally as programmed as we invested in our society to be.
    I'll never understand the humans that live 100 years ago, do you?
    They were completely old fashioned!

  • Do you support

    To all my 21st century GAGers, an emanresu is what we used to call a username back in our days.
    This is irrevelant, but my grandson, born as Timmy Joe, got an emanresu.
    Now we have to call him Tim_Is_Life.
    It sounds like as if the whole world just turned into snapchat and instagram.
    Tim_Is_Life is about to propose to Jenna 3.741
    But this cannot be.
    For thus, does it say in the selur koob, page 1007.25, line 8.44, states "A human cannot marry a robot. For humans shall only fall in love with another human, and thus, robots shall only fall in love with another robot."
    Also, in the selur koob, page 4502.9, line 1.05, states, "Robots are not welcome in this world."
    But I know, eventually, that someone will stick up and protest for their rights, like Martin Luther King did.

  • "What's it like to use dating websites/apps?"

    My reason for why they would ask that, is my prediction based on technology that's starting to come out recently. I'm going to guess that dating websites/need to only find someone in reality, will become obsolete. That virtual reality within 100 years might look like how it does in Sword Art Online. meaning your whole consciousness goes into a cyber world. So instead of talking to people through a website or IM. They might end up being able to see them face to face through the web.

  • I like my new robot very much, am I a robosexual? :P

  • "Is there any place safe? It seems like they were right the whole time... It's happening... the dead is coming back to life. We need some place to go. Please help?"

  • My supersonic hearing implant has backfired on me. Is it too much of a splurge to remove it and will I lose my hearing completely?

    Oh, the hipsters of the future... xD

  • My boyfriend as a joke decided to clone himself more than once, which one is my bf?

  • It doesn't matter how much evolution there is... We will still and always continue to ask the basic questions. The most popular questions will forever continue to be:

    1) Does he (she) like me?
    2) How to kiss?
    3) How to ask a girl out?

    etc. etc. etc. No robot or 100 years of tech will change simple yet complex humanity ;) Good luck! hehe

  • on a scale of 1-10 rate my robot/holographic face?


    How to troll in robot mode on GAG?

  • "Back in my day, "trolls" was just a term and it wasn't literal!"

    • Also "Was I born in the wrong generation? I like GOOD older music like Nicki Minaj and Two Chainz, none of this crap we have now."

  • Can you guess what Alien race am I, and what's my Galaxy of birth?

  • Do Earth guys like Martian girls?

  • I'm going to the Clone & Robot Zrom (prom). My Clone friend Zorni will have a neon green metal tie... but he is wearing a purple metallic suit. Should I get the neon green glow-in-the-dark permanent hair color OR the metallic purple biohazard demi-permanent hair color? I want us to match... but I don't know how long I want my hair to be an unnatural color (other than silver, bronze or gold)!! Girls help! Ohh and guys... how lame is Zorni's outfit? Help!

  • I am 21yo. I like dating older men. 60 yo men are just so immature? I am dating a 92 yo man, but my friends say our age difference is too much. Do you think I am too old to have his babies?

    (FYI i just got dumped by my 62 yo boyfriend. He said I was "letting" myself go. He is now dating my 55 yo ex-husband's 12 yo daughter. OMFG she is such a slut and this is the 5th boyfriend of mine she has stolen!)

  • Do you think it possible for my planet to gravitate toward that one life form
    that I am suppose to be with for the rest of my existence or do I fall in love with the closest thing that happens to orbit 🌎 around me without for a second doubting that an invisible force has already pre-arrange my feelings? 💫 ✨ 🔭

  • I have a crush on a guy who's part reptile person. Does he like me back or does he just cuddle with me for warmth since he's cold blooded?

  • For feminbots' sake, would you girlbots let guybots rule you inside a relationship? Girlbots, do you want to get married? If yes, why? Give your opinion/s below... ;)

    "I got really drunk and high-fived the Canada arm, what was your craziest night out?"

  • Do you think the intergalactic government has a right to prohibit inter-species marriages?

  • Who are the owners/staff of GAG, their backgrounds, education, socio-eco and goals, e. g. marketing vs. membership values?

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