How do you feel about long question descriptions?

I hate them. DESPISE THEM. It is my policy to skip over those questions over 300 character-long descriptions. Ridiculous. Ridonkulous. Too many considerate people on the inter webz. REALLY! HOW TF CAN U READ THAT CRAP? It's like an essay! In fact I feel so strongly about this that I'm gonna make a poll! YEAH! DEMOCRACY! Take that, COMMIES! Anyways, really, do you ever even have time to take time our of your busy internet itineraries and schedules to STOOP TO THE LEVEL of reading an entire description of that magnitude! Basically, a paragraph is asking for too much. SERIOUSLY, question askers. What are u thinking? My head hurts from even thinking about it! HOW DARE YOU put us through that TORTURE? That suffering? Children are DYING in Namibia while you take this much time wasted out of our days to type up this stupid crap! I mean, am I right, capitalists? High five! Anyways, I think my point and case are made. BOOM!

How do you feel about long question descriptions?
Lol I don't know why I just love that gif

  • I absolutely love and lust over those long descriptions. They are my life! THEY ARE ME!
  • I absolutely DESPISE them and no other poll option is possible to click!
  • Shrimp!
  • Communism!
  • Immediate action! Internet purge!
  • People who post these descriptions are WITCHES!
  • Other
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Most Helpful Girl

  • It depends. If it feels like they are rambling, then I skip right over it. If they are longwinded and have terrible grammar and spelling, then I definitely skip it. It helps if they break it up into paragraphs, even if it is the same amount of words. It makes it easier to read, rather than looking at a wall of text.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Ya dislike 'em... but yer question's definitely more than 300 character long...

    Personally I don't give a shit about 'em... unless it's a music question where I could read or write an essay... but such questions don't appear here... only pitiful relationship questions from dumb gals usually...

    I feel tempted to say... I also hate multiple useless poll options as ya did... don't ya realize such options are gonna screw up yer poll and not get accurate results? Better avoid bad influences from here... ya know wot I mean...

    • And as we all know, what Klaatu doesn't like should be banned because he's the specialest snowflake. ❄️❄️❄️

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    • Max go home, you're drunk.

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