Someone is using my pictures and pretending to be me on this site, can it be stopped?

I've recently signed up for this site in order to try and tell administrators that one girl on here is using my pictures for her profile. Now, at first they removed her picture after my message to them but now she uploaded another one, and again, it's my picture, this time with my friend on it.

Is there a way to stop that girl permanently from posting my pictures on here?

I need an answer please. I wanted to contact her personally and ask her politely to stop using my pictures but I'm not on the level 2 so therefore I can't contact her yet and I'm really not comfortable with the fact that someone is using my pictures pretending to be me.


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  • I've always been told by the admins that if the person with the original pic complains, you can remove it. I'd keep telling the admins about the problem. Eventually they ban em if they keep doing it.

    • I've sent a few complaints to the site using "contact" option at the bottom of the site since I can't send private messages yet. I don't want to be boring to them all the time but it really bothers me that someone is stealing my identity and writing on here while using my pictures. I'll keep trying to contact the administrators and I hope they will resolve the problem soon.

    • It's understandable. It would be quite bothering.
      @xHoneyxBeex Hey would it be possible for you to message Asker so you can get into an open dialogue about this?

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  • Wow, that's not cool. If you want I could send her a message for you... if you go to my profile page and click Follow to add me, then I can message you (so you can message me) and I'll send her exactly what you want to say.

  • I would just contact admin again. There's no way to permanently stop someone as they can just create new accounts/info but if admin is aware this is a common thing with this person they might be on the lookout kind of thing?

    • Of course, I realize that. But they already once removed the picture from her profile but she then re-uploaded it like nothing happened, and that's really insolent. I believe they can at least ask her to stop doing it, and if she continues to do it then I guess banning her is the only solution (which I'm not looking for if it's not necessary, as I said, I would've contacted her in first place to ask her politely to remove my pics but I can't do that yet as I'm not on level 2).

    • Sounds like she needs to be banned. She obviously didn't get the hint the first time. Any idea why she would be doing this?

    • I really don't know, I guess it's one of those common things when someone is using another person's photos pretending to be them for the reason only known to those who are impersonating. I've heard a lot about people whose pics got stolen and then some person who obviously has no life uses them to pretend to be someone else on sites like these or dating sites.

  • Then wait for Xper level 2 and then message her.

    • It seems that administrators messaged her and told her not to do it again since I can see that she doesn't have a profile pic anymore. I hope it stays that way.

    • Lets hope so.

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