What's wrong with admins on this amazing sites? sometimes they delete good questions for no reason?

  • They are uneducated
  • They are close minded
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  • They follow the rules!

    • not always I had been debating and they restored questions

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    • I don't know, this doesn't have to do with questions. When I redeemed points for a gift card after already redeeming 2 that month. So 13 day difference and they allowed the points to be redeemed even though the rules say only 2 per month. Then a shorter date difference they did say it hasn't been a month yet. Just weird since they didn't go by the rules in the first place with the 3rd one.

    • @Mustachekitteh oh yeah they do that with everyone lol!

Most Helpful Guy

  • I've actually seen very innocent questions that did not violate the rules be removed as well. Maybe it could be explained as the accidental miss-click or something.

    It is more of an exception than a rule that they misbehave at least. But yes, some questions that are not violating the rules do disappear from time to time.


What Girls Said 2

  • It's not necessarily either of your poll options. They are trying to follow the site rules and keep things as peaceful as possible. Things can be removed in error at times. If you think that is the case, please contact the admins explain your case.

  • Some times the question no matter how good you may think it is goes against the rules.


What Guys Said 2

  • I am not sure how you came to his observation, but I am sure admins are here to ensure that the guidelines of this site are followed by members when they are posting questions.

    Hence your question might have been good but if violated the guidelines of this site then admins will delete it.

  • for the most part they simply apply the rules as fair as possible

    • But sometimes when I asked a question they deleted and it was a simple one.

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    • so jokes went and I was reading and out of the blue my questions was hidden and deleted

    • must have been some of the jokes weren't ok. not sure why the specific jokes were deleted as opposed to the question but it seems like there must be something relatively signficant. the admins don't just sit around looking to take down questions. trust me as a moderator i've definitely suggested some be removed and had the admins tell me it was goign to stay up

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