Should we be able to have more than 1 MyTake or Question drafts?

I wanna write down ma ideas as they’re still fresh…. before they fade away…I know Microsoft Word exists…. but it’d be more convenient if we could save ‘em here…

  • Yes
  • No
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  • I just write ideas for my questions in a notebook. I thought we could have more than one draft though.


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  • Yes. Sometimes I have more than one questions ready but not enough open slots. I forget them in the end :'(
    And having several drafts for myTakes will help users like me to post more of them as I am not a good writer so, I gather several ideas and research on them but I cannot do it on multiple projects simultaneously and eventually. I end up ditching them all.

    Why & who the fuck voted B? :( I think it's because it'll make the servers slow.


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  • Of course we should, but I would prefer editing option for questions (in a case of misspelling, grammar errors etc).

  • You do get more once you go up in levels. I think I my current level I can do 3 of each at a time.

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