Something keeps signing me out?

I seem to be have been signing out for no apparent reason. I haven't been keeping track of how often, but it feels like at least every other day that I need to sign back in. Is anyone else experiencing this? Any idea why and what I can do?


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  • No, that has never happened to me. Not sure why it happens with you, contact an admin about this.


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  • Are you checking the "remember me" box when you sign in? That should prevent the system from signing you out. If it's still happening even though you check that box, then we can look into the issue.

    • Yes, I always check the "remember me" box.

    • @xHoneyxBeex

      I never check the " remember me" box. Each time I login, I enter my credentials and it works fine.

      It's not a must to check " remember me" box, right?

  • I had the same thing happening to me last year. I don't know what caused it, all is fine now.


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