How do you feel about question and my take titles having to sparkle like a Las Vegas show girl?

I went to write my take today and when I did, I got this nice little purple message telling me to make an interesting title and it should make people think "holy sh**, I just have to read that". I honestly, I don't care about perfect grammar, punctuation, catchy titles or perfectly strategically placed pictures to grab people's attention. When I write, I do so from my heart and soul because it matters to me or it's something I want to bring to peoples attention. Or, it's out of curiosity of something I want to know or understand better.

So, it's a little disheartening to know that because my title doesn't have the "holy sh**" factor, that no one will read it. In no aspect of my life am I a show offy type person and they are basically telling you, that your title has to purposly stand out from the rest if you want people to read what you write and that's discouraging.

In the grander scheme, they can do what they want. This is their site not mine but I just find it frastrating and annoying. So, I wonder if anybody else feels like me or not.

Tell me, how do you feel about it?


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  • I totally understand what you're saying. But let me clarify:

    First of all, we ALWAYS want users to write from the heart. That's what makes it worth reading, right? No amount of great media or even an awesome headline will matter if the content itself sucks. So please, write what you feel! :)

    But there's one thing to remember: We're helping you present your heartfelt words to the outside world and to do that, it has to reach a certain quality level in terms of presentation. We're more than willing to make a few minor tweaks to help but we ALSO know people don't like us fiddling too much with their writing. At the same time, our main page can't have misspellings, poorly produced articles, bad headlines, etc.

    It's not about being showy. It's about giving the readers a headline they'll want to click on. So we give you a few tips on that score, that's all. We WANT you to put out great stuff so you can end up on the front page, with as much exposure as possible. :) Not showy or offensive or click-baity, but there's a difference between "My thoughts on long-distance relationships" and "8 Reasons Why I Think LDRs Are a Waste of Time" ( or a positive set of reasons, if that's your spin).

    There's an art to headline writing, just ask any journalist. Goes back hundreds of years. "How can I get others to read all these words? Hmmm..." And by the way, having your personality shine through is almost always great for a headline. :)

  • you're too sensitive -_-


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