Why won't my Take be promoted?

I don't understand. I've written plenty of takes before on my previous account and each time I wrote one it was promoted. Nothing has changed in my writing style or in the format of my Takes. I feel like it should be promoted because there's a message I really want to get across. I and plenty of other people on here feel this way yet it's not being featured. I asked a question if people would read it, linking the take and I swear no less than four seconds after it was removed from the website! Why can't I be allowed to self promote the message I want to get across if the website refuses to do it?

Responses please!


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  • Good question , and it deserves answering

  • My guess is it has to be a hot topic, one that someone really wants to comment on, ones that do get a lot of replies to them even after a while, for example never realized they could be promotted until i got a message stating an admin promoted my question, which is the better tea or coffee, which was got about 20 somwthing replies if i remember right.

    • Okay well that makes a lot of sense then. I just really wanted it to be out there you know? But thank you for your response. It certainly has made me feel better about it.

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    • No no you make sense trust me lol. Thank you again and sleep well. :]

    • Glad to be of service and thank you, I'll try 😄

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