Why isn't there a way to flag mytakes?

A mytake containing a clip that could very easily be porn is up right now. I would like to flag it, but there isn't anyway to do so. Even several under 18's have commented on it's inappropriate-ness, yet it's still up. I tried asking another question about it, but that was blocked immediately. Go figure!

Does anyone who actually knows what they're talking about have an answer?


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  • I believe that the ability to simply flag a myTake is taken away once someone achieves editor status.

    If they are not an editor though, you should be able to flag it via clicking the dots at the top right.

    If they are indeed an editor and can't be officially flagged, I would send it directly to an admin (or send it to a mod who can send it to an admin-- your choice). They still should be removed, it just is more annoying to deal with.

    I would ask you to link the myTake so I could see what's up, but I guess it was changed or something?

    • The person posting inappropriate content is an editor. I truly hope they take that power from him and allow flagging everyone. There shouldn't be double standards like that.

    • Yeah, that is kind of an unnecessary feature in my opinion. Everything should be at least flaggable. It'd be like if mod's questions weren't flaggable. That'd be just silly :|
      Nevertheless, if you see anymore "inappropriate content" coming from the person, I would alert admins via the @GirlsAskGuys user. If the person does that (or at least continually), there is a good chance that they'll be removed as an editor

    • I'll try that. Thanks.

  • Promoted myTakes cannot be flagged because they have already been reviewed and approved by our Content Manager. Editors' myTakes are automatically promoted as soon as they post them, however, admin staff does still review them and reserves the right to remove or un-promote the myTake.

    In the situation you are referring to, the inappropriate gif has already been taken care of and replaced by one that is more appropriate. For future reference, you can contact us directly to talk about issues like this. www.girlsaskguys.com/contact

    • It took 8 hours for that gif to be changed. That's not ok.

    • He's abusing the power the site has given him as an editor.

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