Why does everyone here lie like that?

I know its the internet and people lie on it and it happens often but i mean on this site why do you even have to lie and not give an honest advice?

If girl makes a poll asking if guys would date her knowing she had 10+ sexual partners 100 will vote no and 10 yes, then you see another question with all guys answering "sure why not iam not insecure " or if a girl asks about an outfit that makes her obviously look slutty most guys and girls will vote yes it does, but when its time to answer they will lie and tell her its non of anyones business and she looks great in that... i mean like, you're messing with peoples lives, people who want an honest answer that they are going to live by...

Everyone is a hypocrite from time to time but seriously its getting out of hand , polls and answers are never the same and polls are the truth cause its much more anonymous and no one can find out , so iam asking why? why vote that you want a virgin, inexperienced girlfriend then comment saying " only insecure nerds want that i want a real woman with experience... " i mean like, dude i am a guy too i have a broad range of guys around me from all walks of life and i have never heard any of them getting excited over an experienced women, hell some dudes who got out of prison or are famous trouble makers usually choose the virgin inxperienced girl...

P. s: this is not about girls or why do this or that, this is a question about why guys on this site lie a lot and fabricate the truth , yes women on here lie quite often but they dont know what they want most of the time but guys do yet they lie knowing that they are lying...


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  • People lie everywhere, not just the Internet. Also, not everyone that votes leaves an opinion as well. That may be because they're not comfortable doing so based on whatever they voted for in the poll. You probably are seeing more of the responses that correlate to the "yes" option in that specific case.


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  • Something tells me you're not really a guy, but a girl with a bone to grind.

    Anyway if you live by the opinions of strangers on the internet then that's your fault. GaG is just one source of information, not the only source, any rational person can see that.

    • for a lot of people it is , thats why you see many pictures on , many in depth questions and people who are asking serious questions, and why some people have 50k+ xp, it is a site thats for sure and i dont take everything said on ehre seriously but many do, and while a lot of the questions are dumb many actually need some real advice.

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    • If someone asked that poll, they are by definition insecure. If they were confident they wouldn't give a fig what others think. That's why confident guys answer, they really don't care what people think - it's their opinion. What the actual question is doesn't really matter.

      If we use your example there (hypothetically right?) It doesn't matter whether I like promiscuous girls or not, but you are insecure for caring what I think of YOU liking chaste virgins. Your beliefs are shaky enough to be rocked by some random stranger's opinion on the internet.

    • yeah i get your point and thats my point exactly, they care, so they change their opinions when they actually answer and not just vote to make it sound like thy're are totally different, i answer what i vote i have no reason to hide it but a lot dont, many vote yes then answer no and explain why "no" is the right answer

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  • Lol if you're asking about guys the easiest answer is that they're tryna get some.

    • well yeah i am starting to notice that guys on here lie quite often to please girls, but its the internet you can be honest and no one is going to care that much.

    • Yea but I've also noticed that some guys on here I guess don't normally get a lot of attention from girls, so maybe if they're nice here they'll hear something nice back which is what they're looking for, validation. Plus it's not always a lie, it's just a difference in opinion. Like about the outfit thing, yes I'll vote that it looks slutty, but it's not contradictory to me telling her that she can wear whatever the fuck she wants. It's my opinion, but it's her right to do whatever.

  • Im pretty sure GAG is not the first place people come to find an answer to live by. Its just a website afterall.

    • It is a website but , why do you have the prettiest picture you could find of yourslf on here? why are you here day and night answering questions? why do some people scarfice their time to ask or answer question, it is a site but in this day and age sites are what people use and some chose this one as their source of help.

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  • You are making no sense.

    Polls and answers are never the same because not everyone who votes leaves an answer.

    • well, when 30 people vote for yes and 6 for no , 20 answer i am sure at least 14 voted yes

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