Should we have a separate category called “Trolling” here?

Seriously it’s really annoying sometimes. If in case you have opinions or views beyond the norm, then you’ll be branded as a “troll”, and it’s not an uncommon phenomenon unfortunately.

So I suggest the introduction of this category here, so people who actually want to make a “troll post” can post there. And let us, who want to post seriously, post in the other categories.

Why should we be afraid to voice our opinions? It’s really shitty since they’re genuine (at least in my case, don’t know about other people) and by being branded as a troll, it’s unfair at least. Not everyone who has views beyond the norm, or even extreme ones, is a troll.

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  • Generally if you say something that wide out there, you're going to have to back it up or people won't believe a word of it.

    If someone asks what is the circumference of the earth, and I say the earth is actually flat because God stepped on it by mistake, what are you going assume?

    • Eh OK, we're not kids to believe this.

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