Lost saved mytake?

i saved a mytake yesterday to finish writing it today but i can't find it. any help?

i need no woulda shoulda could've


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  • Are you sure it actually saved? You should have received a green notification letting you know that it was saved. We require an image and for you to select the topic category for the post before it can be saved as a draft. So if you did all of that and clicked "save draft" then it should be there when you open the "share myTake" as well as on your profile under the myTakes tab. If it's not there, let us know what device and browser you are using and we can look into it.

    • i rewrote it. it was short. the green notification appeared but i hadn't included a picture, so maybe i'm wrong. thanks anyway and no need to bother

    • i'd give you the nho now but i gotta wait 24 hours

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  • Should''ve copied and pasted the words into a word document.

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