G@Gers, what are your most unpopular opinions?

I've seen a lot of youtube videos on the subject and I always get a kick out of watching them. So, my question for you today is as simple as I put it: What are your most unpopular opinions, if you have any?

Of course, here are mine:

The most natural one of course is that I actually like quite a few Nickleback songs. Even more so, when people claim to hate Nickleback I assume it's because it's taboo.

I don't think men are obligated to pay for the first date, even if they asked

I don't find Grumpy Cat to be that funny or entertaining

Ryan Gosling isn't much to write home about to me, neither is Leonardo Dicaprio.

You get the gist.


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  • I think I'm the only guy on gag not into anal and I think duck faces are hot lmao

    • I'm not into anal too, brotha! I actually think it's gross!

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    • Sign me up for the No Anal club. Traveling the wrong way on a one-way street as far as I am concerned.

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  • I think drugs and prostitution should be legalized and regulated *for harm reduction*.

    I think the thigh gap is hot as hell, even though I'm suddenly the devil for saying so.

    Jennifer Lawrence. Meh. And I think Scarlett Johansson is average. Also Beyonce, meh.

    Pro socialism, *before all the yougin's got on the Bernie train*. Anti-feminism.

    Metal music is God. Even though it's the reincarnation of classical music and is deep as hell. Mmm. More abnormal than unpopular maybe.

    I think hairless cats are cute and endearing as fuck, and I would like to have one. If I could. Otters are supremely underrated, too.

    I don't see anything wrong with nickleback. I liked them a lot when they came out. Probably only stopped listening to them, because of all the hate they got later on. Generic, simple, and overly popular, in its time anyway, I guess, but doesn't mean it doesn't sound good. For all the hate, they don't have any dislikes on youtube.

    Don't think that's too much of an unpopular opinion. 50/50.


    • Oh yeah. After reading comments, also pro euthanasia. If anyone has a right to anything, it's their own life.

  • My most unpopular opinion hum trick trick. I think in general to society would probably be that in a way women and men are equal in a very unequal way. In other words there are situations where men and women are completely equal and other situations that they aren't. For nonspecific example because I'd much rather avoid getting off topic a woman is unequal in one thing a man is in unequal in a different thing tally up the things the genders are unequal to and it actually is pretty equal on both sides. Now it is true that any given issue can be very unequal to one side or the other but if you take all the issues in the world that are gender bias and devide them up to the gender they are bias against then men an women alike still have to put up with about the same amount of bias and issues related to sexual inequality. That is the issue all in all for one pf the the great debates that know one really looks at the big picture that we as a people seem to just over look; that in a way life is fair because it's not fair for anyone and untill we can learn from one another and help one another without judgment or want, untill we can see beyond ourselves and treat everyone as a whole as equil, and untill we can realise that some hings are just not ever going to be truthfully equal and create policys that can at least close the gap on those issues in a satisfactory way for all partys infolved, only then we can begin to effect the big picture and cut away at the tally marks that effect everyone. The issue with that is that people are greedy, and hurt each other and ourselves, are vengeful, and ultimately are afrade of change both in them selves and in the world. Deal with those problems then one can deal with the big picture. For me I just say if you have an opportunity to do something good for someone else do it, and of an opportunity comes to fix yourself take it, and if we have the opportunity to make amends and be good to each other then do so, and do those things expecting nothing in return just because it's right to do so, that is the only real golden rule. Some people may not like or agree with that, but I wish them happiness anyways.

  • Hmmmm this made me really think... here goes

    Mine are...
    I don't enjoy the racial divide in America and try to shush both whites and blacks from making drama about a mute point for most of the US

    I insist on paying for first dates, but a plus if the girl is just a insistent we pay equally... means she has her head on straight

    I believe that military should be somewhat of a requirement for teens, a sort of requirement, at least military lifestyle

    I don't get fuzzy over American flags, nor any flag

    I don't enjoy drama, in fact it stops with me usually

    I wish jobs would take on apprenticeships rather than going through a watered down educational system just to come out overqualified and owing mountains of cash

    I believe in saving lives, for me its interesting how many people stand around watching, rather than doing something. Im a man of action, even if there's a consequence.

    I find our politics to be in the gutter.

    I enjoy watching morons rise to fame.

    Oh and i dislike songs about pussy/ass/weed, don't mind rap as long as its before the 2000's

    And enjoy melancholic or relaxed songs

    I hate news, especially ones that are illegitimate, CNN, FOX, MSNBC, gawker anything such as that i despise.

    I actually enjoy hanging out with gay dudes because honestly they are more chill than regular dudes, they come off as relaxed.

    I believe cigars and cigarettes should be allowed because people should be able to make that choice on their own

    And geez i spent awhile on this

  • And I'm going to create a shit storm.

    White privilege doesn't exist

    Gun control doesn't control criminals

    Women are not equal to men and vice versa.

    Transgender identity is a mental issue

    Promiscuity destroys your chances of finding a loving fruitful relationships (doesn't stop it, just hurts the chances).

    Donald Trump will be an outstanding POTUS.

    The so called "Alpha Males" I see on here are of the "Alpha Negative" while they may have the dominant traits, ultimately their goals are very shortsighted.

    The government shouldn't pay for your abortion or birth control. If a woman wants an abortion she pays for it (her body her choice) the man should have no obligation to contribute if he does not want her to go through with the procedure.

    Suicide is a selfish cowardly act.

    Women should not be in combat roles (fighter pilots may be an exception due to their naturally smaller stature and better reflexes as studies have shown)

    Many Muslims have done nothing to control the hateful ideology spread by some of their religious authorities.(not all, but a disproportionate amount).

    And finally

    Syaing Democratic socialism isn't socialism is like saying statutory rape isn't rape.

    *waits to be reported and possibly banned*

  • I think Christopher Nolan movies have gone way downhill after the dark knight rises. I don't really care for inception or interstellar.
    I am a huge fantasy fan and I don't care for harry potter or a song of ice and fire.

    I like Sci-Fi and I think star trek is overrated
    I think that the first legitimately good Assassins Creed game was Syndicate
    I don't really think much of the walking dead tv series
    While I liked breaking bad its not in my top fifteen favorite shows

    I think corporate lobbyists should be executed

    For the most part I'm a democratic socialist so the fact that I have no problem with civilian gun ownership to the point where universal background checks are my gun control limit. and in the case of treason or murder one, or corporate lobbyists, or people who abuse the mentally ill, or rapists, the death penalty.
    I'm spiritual but not religious and that can be a little odd.
    There are plenty more but thats all I can think of right now

    • Was syndicate good? I am thinking of buying it

    • @Omar5881 In my opinion, it was the best Assasssins creed
      Its got the best boss fight in the series in the side mission where you fight spring heeled jack
      In that last mission, he is not some first civ bullshit, he is not a dude in a cape, he is implied to be a literal demon from hell.
      Its got an effective stealth system unlike every other AS game
      Its fun to be a london gangster
      The Parkour is made less tedious with an arkham style zipline
      The protagonists ham it up and revel in the ridiculousness of the situations.
      You can stab buckingham palace guards to show them what you think of their hats

    • Ah cool , thanks for the info

  • Suicide is not wrong.

    Pet ownership is the opposite of pet personhood.

    Most people are replaceable and worthless.

    Life is not precious.

    The internet has crippled human innovation more than helped.

    External motivation is the most toxic substance to growth.

    Exercise is more important than diet.

  • -All trannies are mentally ill and require our assistance to get back to normal

    -Homosexuality is a birth defect but it's totally fine since I get less competition

    -Netanyahu and his support for radical Judaism is a problem but Hamas is a lot worse

    -The niqab is a violation of woman's rights and should be banned

    -The effects of climate change are greatly exaggerated

    -Donald Trump is a shitty candidate but he's a lot better than Hillary

    -Bernie Sanders is a naive little kid in an old man's body

    -Monogamy is a form of control by jealous and insecure individuals over one another

    -Islam is not the problem, radical extremists and tolerant Liberals are

    -Prostitution and marijuana need to be legalized in order to give the government regulatory control

    -Businesses that are too big and take up a large part of the market and prevent competition need to be broken down. Canada's oligopolies and monopolies come to mind.

    -Only the educated should be allowed to vote. If felons are educated they should be able to vote too.

    -Union power must be greatly curtailed and strikes and protests restricted to certain areas so they don't interfere with other people's work

    -If you think feminism is about the subjugation of men then you need to be waterboarded. Feminism is about achieving equal rights for women in places where they are treated as second class citizens i. e. Saudi Arabia, Iran, Pakistan etc.

    -If you think men's rights activists are a bunch of misogynistic assholes then you too need to be waterboarded.

  • - Beyonce is overrated.

    - Disliking all police because of the actions of a few makes you an idiot and a hypocrite.

    - Comparing Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler is very ignorant.

    - "Damn, Daniel" is not funny at all.

    - Correcting someone's grammar doesn't make you win an argument.

    - Game of Thrones sucks. I'm a dead fucking man now...

  • I am opposed to abortion.
    Political correctness is a hypocritical means of trying to control the behavior of others.
    People should get married before having children.

  • my most unpopular decision although i don't know if it's unpopular or those who are against are just very very vehemently against it is

    my position on male infant circumcision

  • how can you not like grumpy cat?

    my unpopular opinions are:

    -equal rights means women have to ask out and pay for dates too

    -megan fox and kate upton are ugly

    -deistic religions are bullshit (those who assume that god created everything and is omnipotent)

  • I don't see what's the big deal about weed as some people here make it out to be.

    • I think it can be legalized as long as people recognize that it's bad for you, just like alcohol.

      Like anythimg, it can be prone to abuse. I've been around it and the smell is what turned me away the most lol

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    • Heh. Thanks. Yep yep.

    • it is legal in some places

  • That you should be able to hunt down and kill burglars.

    That all fights should be 1 vs 1, not 1 vs 444444.

  • Keep all drugs illegal, including weed. Don't send people to jail, but don't sell them at the convenience store, either.

  • As an Objectivist, I have so many unpopular opinions.

  • i have a buttload. ironically, i can't think of any at the moment :/

  • At this precise moment? Overwatch is okay, nothing more or less. Pretty disappointed by it actually, after being eager for it since September.

  • I don't think I have one. I've never started a flame war before. Lol.

  • I believe God is equally important and unimportant

    Lots of " hot " celebs aren't hot lol

    Walking dead sucks

    Love the Beatles yet the overrated

    Health food sucks

    Happiness is hard to find

    • The. The. The Walking Dead sucks? o. O; Sir, I think you might need to see a doctor, because I think you might perhaps have brain cancer.

    • @Rawrzz lol. Just not my thing. Not into zombies

    • Fair enough, I suppose. :*(

  • I seem to get destroyed when I speak against abortion

  • Zac Efron over RyGos any day. Give me your hate!

  • That I'm da bomb.

  • Like when i just joke around

  • I did not care for The Godfather.

  • The punishment for all alcohol and recreational drug use at any age and in any amount should be death by drowning without the option of appeal.

    Bring it haters.

  • Jet fuel can't melt steel beams.

  • Game of Thrones sucks

    Sriracha sauce smells like shit


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  • Heyyyy! I like some Nickelback songs as well!

  • The ones at the top of my mind atm are mostly to do with the recent trend of female entitlement.
    For example, breastfeeding. Sure, I agree that women should have every right to breastfeed their child while out in public. However, this is often paired with the argument that women should be able to walk around topless in public, just like men, whether they're breastfeeding or not. It's like... okay, sure. But you do realize that female breasts are secondary sexual characteristics and generally WAY more sexualized than male pecs..
    I can only imaging that women who choose to go topless while out and about (which is legal already, in many places) would only then use the male attention they gather as grounds for another protest.

    I agree with you on how if women want equality, they should pay for their own meal, which they're perfectly capable of doing versus shafting it onto the guy every single time.

    I cannot stand crop tops or how basically all the shorts they sell for female teens-young adults are basically booty shorts. Any time I take the bus past a few high schools nearby, it feels like 90% of the girls who get on the bus there are basically in just underwear. šŸ™ˆ

    • Why exactly are these unpopular?

      Youd figure they would be common sense lol

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    • @PT1911 I agree with most of the opinions you listed, for what it's worth. šŸ˜‡

    • Lol fair enough, thanks for reading :)

  • It's funny you mention the nickleback thing, my boyfriend and I were talking about how weird everyone just hates on them for no reason.

    As for me:

    John Cena is annoying.
    Being gay/bi/transgender/nonbinary is 100% okay.
    People stereotype and generalize too much.
    The word "selfie" is annoying.

  • Probably most of the video games I played a lot of people tend to not like.

    I don't think most social media websites are fun. Twitter, snap chat, facebook, etc all seem pointless.

    Make all drugs legal but regulate them. It's other peoples choices to waste their life and die by taking harmful drugs. They should live with the consequence of wasting away than to waste everyone else money to keep them locked up.

    I love extremely dark humor like miscarriage jokes, sexist, nazi jokes, racist, etc. So like the ones Jimmy carr and frankie boyle do.

    I don't like the walking dead.

    Buying brand name clothes is stupid and a waste of money.

    Religion is pointless and it's stupid to have it on USA money or said any where 24/7. I see a build board talking about good and all that shit. It's ridiculous.

    I will make jokes that would offend so many people it's not even funny. Along with sometimes calling some friends that can take a joke, "faggy twat." Mainly because it sounds funny but I know a lot of people would just have a bitch storm about it.

  • As for yours, yeah Nickleback isn't great and it isn't terrible I don't know why people go so nuts about it - like Nicolas Cage, he's a good actor, he did some shitty movies, so what's the big deal? I think whoever asks is obligated to pay, man or woman, unless they specify otherwise when asking. And ditto on all the rest.

    As for mine: Within reason I don't think that being fat is unhealthy, in particular I don't beleive that there is an associated health rish with being 'overweight' and it's quite likely most people are actually healthiest at that size.

    Fuck the breastfeeding debate - women should be able to go around topless anywhere a man can, she doesn't even need a baby attatched to her nipple to justify an exposed breast.

    Men shaving their body hair - it needs to stop. Like now.

    The 'global warming' epidemic is a red herring to shift the blame to consumers and away from real enviromnental problems caused by the neglectful practices of major companies and industry.

    ... and many more lol.

    • watch the wicker man and you'll understand why he's so bad :D

      also at least half of your "unpopular" opinions aren't that unpopular... especially compared the the percentages on this site

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    • And to agree with you again about something else (that I would assume is your stance by the way you talk anyways), I hate the current socio-polical climate around sexism right now. Legitimate inequalities and solutions are being overlooked in favor of this retroactive bullshit. Giving women better opportunities because they were discriminated against in the past is not equality it's sexism because the words written inbetween the lines aren't 'better opportunities than women had in the past' it means 'better opportunities than men'. I can stand by equal opportunity and equal pay for equal work but the reality is that the legislation thats been put into place is poorly written and doesn't really reflect an equal stance but retribution for historically disenfranchised groups. In practice it means that white men are the most discriminated against. I don't know how the laws in the states compare though.

    • I know little off topic but I don't just mean about jobs it's kind of like that about everything right now.

  • Oh man. Most of my opinions are pretty damn unpopular. There are some really awesome ones here already!

    Here goes:

    People who want to have children should be forced to attend and pass some type of parenthood class. Same for pets.

    Not all people are created equally, and some are of higher value to their society than others. This should be rewarded accordingly.

    Bottles of alcohol should carry pictures of liver disease, warnings about alcoholism etc with graphic pictures, in the same way that cigarette boxes do in many countries.

    Many women turn into terribly boring people after having children and don't really seem to live for much else anymore.

    A scary number of people wants to be in a relationship in which either they or their partner effectively control the other person.

    An even scarier number of people does not wish to use their brain for thinking independently and critically and prefers to accept the general consensus. Classes on how your county works should be compulsory and attended regularly.

    Most people should not be allowed to vote because they have no idea what they are really voting for, much less how government works.

    Prisons should be abolished. It costs too much and is not a good deterrent.

    Military or civil service should be compulsory for everyone at some point in their life.

    Animals have the right to life. Live and let live, not live and eat/experiment on/wear other sentient beings, please.

    TV should be severely limited.

    ... on a more superficial level:

    Skinny jeans really only suit very skinny people with slim hips. For everyone else... please don't.

    High waisted bikinis. I guess it hides a flabby belly or whatever, but it also looks like you borrowed them from your granny.

    I think Emma Watson is probably a very nice and clever person with her heart in the right place, but... a terribly bad actress.

    The Harry Potter films are horribly overrated. The books are awesome.

    Lord of the Rings (Book) is a snooze-fest.


    This was fun!

  • Lol here goes. I'll prepare to get lynched:

    1) Bacon and pizza are overrated
    2) Very few animes are actually good, the others are repetitious and try too hard
    3) Every prospective parent should be forced to go to classes to see how the world environment is turning to shit so that they can reconsider whether it's right to bring a child into a world that is literally crumbling
    4) Some people are beyond helping - some people do things because they feel comfortable doing it
    5) Suicide should be legalized
    6) Human rights is a religion (I love them, but it's technically a religion we follow)

    Yup. Come at me.

    • Bacon I can understand.

      But pizza...



      Everything else is all dependent on your moral stances, which are subjective to debate and different viewpoints.

      But pizza...


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    • Hey I won't take responsibility for your actions :p

      And cheeseless pizza is best made by hand. So make the dough yourself, and chose your toppings, don't do any store bought stuff lol

    • @PT1911 I love baking but I've never tried making any bread stuffs before... Interesting quest! I'll try it when I get bored of frikkin tuna pasta every day ^.^ Thanks!

  • I honestly think that:
    (1) teachers should have higher wages;
    (2) being kissed on the lips is gross instead of sweet;
    (3) raisins aren't really tasty;
    (4) there are people who really can't swim regardless of their weight; and
    (5) there are dreams that will forever be dreams.

  • Women are all bitches!!! Never marry! I fuck so many girl lol!

  • i think teenagers really should abstain from sex. i know there are some mature, well-informed teens out there who know how to protect themselves and know to get tested... but the vast majority seems really ignorant on the subject and jump into something they don't really get. it just seems safer to me to wait til people are more developed.

  • I like Nickleback, hate on me all you want

    I think labels on things warning you not to do stupid things shouldn't be there. If people kill themselves doing those things, we should be thankful we wiped another stupid person out of the gene pool. I understand that companies can be sued for stuff like that, but if it goes against common sense, it shouldn't be grounds for suing.

    Parentel Advisory stickers on music and CDs? Useless. There are some pretty adult themes in music without the sticker, and the parent, if they're that concerned about the kid being corrupted by music (God forbid THAT ever happen) should listen to the album first.

    Likewise, censoring stuff on the radio? Stupid. If you don't want your kids listening to swears, listen to a different radio station., don't spoil it for the rest of us.

    I find guys with a lot of muscle kind of disgusting. Just... Ew

    Hope you enjoyed my rant

  • What I love Nickelback! šŸ˜Ø

    Mine are probably "I don't believe in God because there's no scientific evidence for it's existence."

    "I think Lucky Blue is one of the most beautiful guys out there."

    "Marijuana should be legalised."

    Frankly, I couldn't care less if people disagree it won't change my stance for any of those šŸ˜Ŗ

  • -i hate chocolate

    a lot of chocolate lovers wanna fight me after i say that lmaoo

    • I used to hate it too, and I always had problems with chocolate lovers too XD

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    • @ikissedtheskyonce thanks for being reasonable <3 lol

    • I like the *smell* of chocolate -- and I LOVE pretty much all of the fake-chocolate-flavored protein bars -- but, I hate the taste of actual chocolate. ::shrugs::

  • I never really liked Tom and Jerry
    I like the german accent
    I don t see anthng wrong with a libertine life
    I don t think it s wrong for a 20 year to wanna fuck a 50 year old and above (I would)
    I don t see why pink is reserved for girls although before it was used for guys since it was a vivid color and pale blue for girls since it has a softer tone.
    I like controversial stuff simply because they provoke not necessarily because I like the material.

  • I have a ton, like when I told some psycho chick on here that in the States, referring to a black person as a monkey was racist. She lost her mind, said I was a racist, and blocked me lol.

    I also mentioned several times that teachers shouldn't be evaluated based on test scores because there's too many factors that are out of teachers control.

    I also said teachers should get paid way more. That opinion definitely didn't go over well.

  • i think grumpy cat is hilarious! i think it may just be because i can really relate to him. but the one thing that comes to mind right away is that running man challenge. so they took an old dance, made a sliiiight change to it while dancing to an older song. how original. and WHERE is the funny?

  • Bacon isn't a food sent from the heavens. People care wayyyy too much about bacon.

  • I hate bacon and pork in general. I think it's disgusting.
    Also I think chubby girls with small feet are adorable.

  • 1. Men should pay for the first date and All dates!!!
    2. don't believe in prenups
    3. No premarital sex

  • Lol I actually wrote a mytake asking this question
    Mine are:
    Canada seems boring as fuck
    I don't find British accents attractive
    I really do not like anime that much

  • I predominantly can't support

    *Illegal immigration
    *Conformity for the sake of acceptance'
    *People not taking responsibility for themselves

  • I don't think mirandasings is funny
    I hate Seinfeld
    I don't like oreos
    HATE bacon

  • Being against death penalty.
    Being against abortion.
    Not thinking that being alive is something to be thankful of.
    I also always avoided picking charmander which was a popular choice back in the days.

  • 1. The male gender are whiny piss babies who have the nerve to deem women as emotional and unstable, yet are generally the ones causing 90% of online quarrels, and these are mere betas alone.

    2. The male gender is filth who's morality is dictated by how aroused their penis gets. Boku no Pico (a male anime child pornography series) is notorious for being "disgusting", and "unethical", yet the genre "Lolicon" (anime female child pornography) is far more rich in content, yet is given a disproportional amount of hate. It's only "pedophiliac" when his dick's not hard.

    3. Arabs are the genetic filtered out scraps of the Caucasian race (physically speaking). I'm an arab myself.

    4. Kurdish and South Asian males are the overall scraps of humanity altogether, and are it's most repugnant disgraced form.

    5. The male gender should be legally banned from designing, or at least should get a license if they wish to pursue such career that is monitored by elite females... I think this should actually be applied to both genders, but males more so. Why else do you think cities look as disgusting as they do? All those dirty little shops with mismatched banners splattered in primary colors and simple windows fonts as though they were designed in MS paint.

    6. Anyone who decides to combine dark brows with light hair (especially the really bold painted in basic bitch kind you see on instagram) should be spayed.

    7. Anyone who decided that splattered curry colored contour onto your face in an attempt to sharpen it up, eliminating all possible softness and femininity should have been tossed in a mental institution.

    Thankyou my friend for asking.

    • Cheekbones are more feminine than a circle of chub and just because you're blond doesn't mean you have to give up having eyebrows.

    • @ShaeNielson Not when the cheekbones are so sharp that her baby will need stitches every time she leans over to kiss it's face. And blond people don't naturally have DARK BOLD BLACK brows. As a matter of fact, only people with really dark hair do.

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