Stupid virus pop ups bugging anyone else?

I get ads here, but seriously telling me my virus protection is allowing this site to infect my device is getting old.
Plus not very good for site reputation.


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  • Hi. Is this an actual advertisement that keeps popping up and annoying you? You can send us a screenshot of the pop-up to help@girlsaskguys. com so we can look into it. Thanks!

    • Next time I will take pic, and yes.
      The other is you won blah blah because you shared opinion. I will send that to.
      I have to completely close out to get back

    • Okay, yes, please send us those screenshots the next time you see them. That will be very helpful for us so we can look into the issue. :)

    • I think there was an issue with this a long time ago too.

  • I've never had a pop up like that. Usually, that's not the site. It's some form of malware on your computer. Malware can disguise itself as ads, too. What anti virus are you using?

    • It's scans every two hours and auto delete any threat, and stops download of anything no ok. Cookies deleted if not being used.
      It could be I guess

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    • You're welcome, hopefully its something simple like that. If it is, malware doesn't harm your computer. It tries to trick you into stealing your identity and taking your money. But the computer or phone itself should be fine.

    • It's my phone. And I got ai to protect my ID and money

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