Why Bold characters don’t work in MyTakes?

When I try to write something in bold it doesnโ€™t appear. Why?


(Someone tag him please)


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  • What happens when you try to use the bold feature? You should be able to highlight the word you want to bold and then click the icon for it. I just tested it and it worked for me. Can you tell me what device and browser you are using?

    • I use Firefox on my computer but how is it related?

      Anyway, when I press "Save" bold still appears, but it doesn't appear AFTER I post the MyTake.

    • It's related because many times, issues are related to either the device or browser the person is using. Not all site issues are universal. Please give a link to a post where you used bold that did not appear after you posted and we will look into the issue.

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  • I don't know why, Klaatu.

  • Or you could just message him. It's not that hard

    • Maybe others might had the same issue, that's why.

    • You can click the contact button and tell gag

    • I mean others among ordinary users. Well leave it, perhaps I found out what it was.

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