What is one piece of advice that you've always wanted to tell the GAG community?

Question is in the title. Since I'm asking the question, it only makes sense that I start, so here goes:

Judge people. Judge the FUCK out of them. The people who tell you to not judge other people are the ones who get FUCKED over time and time again and NEVER learn WHY. Your ability to judge another person is one of your most VALUABLE tools in life, do NOT throw it away simply because someone told you to. Judgment is just like any other tool, it needs to be tested and CALIBRATED, it needs to be honed and SHARPENED, and that starts with YOU. If you fail to judge someone correctly, do not blame the tool, the tool is an extension of you, it is only as sharp as the user. Take responsibility for your actions and choices and your failure to calibrate the tool correctly, pick yourself up, readjust this tool, and try again, do not shift blame. You're an adult and at the end of the day YOU decide who to trust, and who not to trust, so that means YOU are partly responsible for them screwing you over.

So. Now that I've said my piece. How about you guys?


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  • Girls, take action, don't make guys do it all. Please just tell us you like us or don't like us, because we will react fine 90% of the time, and you will only react fine like 12% of the time.

    I really, really wish every girl in the world knew this.

    Also, OP, stop using caps lock so much.

  • Please, please break your paragraphs up. When the whole post is one block, it is hard as hell to read.

  • Don't be slaves for the money. Don't let the money earns you, I know you need money for taking breath but don't be a slave.

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