Will he get a notification that I followed him even though I just blocked him recently?

These are what I did:
1) I went to my "Followers" section and there he was. There were two icons on the right: "X" and "person".
2) I reaaaaallly intended to click the "X" but I ended up clicking the "person" icon. I was alerted that I was following the user I wanted to block. Then, I freaked out!!
3) I didn't second-guess myself and clicked the "X" and selected "Yes" on the block-this-user popup. Now I was alerted that I now blocked him.

Now I just blocked a user. But I didn't unfollow the user. Will the user see me as one of his followers?


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  • The blocking should cancel the follow request so he shouldn't have seen it... unless he refreshed his page the exact moment you tried to follow him lol.


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  • no he will not. when you block him, you automatically unfollow him as well.
    same as if he blocks you, he will automatically unfollow you.


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  • I don't think he will get a follower notification.

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