Why do the minors have the sexual behavior topic?

By the title you may think I'm against minors having it, I'm a minor myself but I think its kinda pointless for minors to have it.

When I say 96 percent...
I'm not kidding, about 96 percent of the questions posted by minors with the sexual behavior topic listed gets removed.
the question could be
"why do girls get wet"

"Why is my penis erect?"

Minors are the main ones that would post these questions because they're/we're curious.
very curious.

and for you to remove every single question posted by minors with this topic to be removed
makes me wonder why do we even have the option for this topic?
I mean really

the question wouldn't even need to be that sexual
and its removed because of the age

but watch someone above 18
talk about... how much they wanna rape someone and its fine..
I think somethings wrong here why do we even have the option for it?


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  • Agreed my man. Agreed indeed


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  • Age of consent isn't even the same everywhere. Age of consent is only 14 where I live, in Serbia. So this is really questionable. Different countries, and for example of USA, states, have different rules regarding consent, etc.


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  • Under 18's are allowed to ask why's. They just can't ask how you do sexual acts.

  • To protect them from perverts trying to pm them to meet up.


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