What would be considered offensive on a mytake?

I want to make a tinder guide on how to get laid on tinder. I have to post some conversations that I've had to explain my technique.. Blacking their pictures and anything else that would possibly reveal their identity. It's would be a clear guide on how to get laid though. I'm not sure if that would be offensive and I'm not going to write it if it doesn't get promoted.


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  • Fool-proof way to get laid
    -Be hot
    -Smell good
    -Don't be weird
    That's it. I don't think a mytake is necessary.

    • there's more to it than that once you get passed high school lol

    • Actually this is totally the right direction Hahaha

    • yeah, actually there's plenty of hot guys have a hard time getting laid if they are socially awkward. some guys are not even that (socially awkward) - they just don't have the right people to know, right clubs to go to, etc., and there's plenty of girls out their that don't like muscular guys. people seriously need to stop saying that if you're hot you have it easy.

      I think it's mainly hot guys in relationships that think this: they see girls walking past smiling, etc. and assume they're the bomb but can't act on it because they've got a girl. when you're single and you start approaching some of these girls you realise actually for the most part they are just being friendly whatever. vast majority of girls just aren't into hook ups with random guys and it doesn't matter how hot you are (or not). that's why social circle means EVERYTHING.

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