GAGers: You are in a nerf gun war. You can pick five GAGers to be in your squad , who would you pick? Who would you challenge?

On my team I want @Ginnyweasley97 @Justbanannaz @AledeEurope @Consultantisback and @EmpatheticLady

I would challenge : @Phoenix98 @Consultantisback @XNicholeMariex3 @Ifarted @Clarissa and @Vishna

Ok ok, I replace @Consultantisback with @Questionman


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  • My team: You (always team up with the person who came up with the idea xD), @EmpatheticLady (cause she's short so she can sneak behind the enemy), @ConsultantIsBack (he's huge, he'll take the shots like an Alpha man xD), @archiz (she's fit, so she's probably agile), and @dangerDoge (he's smart, it's always good to have 2 smart people in the team).

    I wanted to add others too, but I wanted to keep this balanced, so that we don't just win, but murder the other team 😈


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