Why do people get so butt hurt and complain when they are blocked during an argument before they comment?

Obviously the block button is there to block people. I for one would not want to keep getting notifications over and over again from someone who keeps replying going in circles.

If the user is getting hostile or arguing for the sake of arguing why would I entertain that online?


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  • I usually consider it a bitch move, but I understand the desire to not engage with someone you don't like, for whatever reason.


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  • Pride & ego. For some reason, people here seem to have this entitlement that they have a right to be heard and have your utmost attention, effort, and focus even if they are spreading negative, toxic vibes on your post and being one huge, dramatic mess. I’m not sure why they expect so much from random strangers who literately owe them nothing and have zero duty or obligation to put up with their exhausting, often whiny nonsense.

    • Ha ha

    • Seriously lol I don't get it. Why do so many of these random strangers expect the level of patience, understanding, and verbal commitment that realistically they would only receive from a close friend, therapist, or their mom? If you’re not cool with someone, not friends with someone, if that person is not a part of your life as in a colleague, family member, close friend, or acquaintance then why have some sort of entitlement that they are to patiently put up with unsavory, unbecoming nonsense? Those people need to stop having expectations from people who owe them absolutely nothing and stop trying their luck with someone who has no responsibility or duty to stick around and deal with their BS.

    • thanks for mho :)

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  • I don't care if someone blocks me, but the typical blocker is someone that just lost an argument after which they ask a question of you which warrants a response, immediately block you so that you can't respond to their question, and then ask their friend to comment on the post with another question or use smurf accounts to do that. If you want to be a bitch stand up to the person you dislike don't be a little jizz stain trying to passively aggressively bite their toes. Have some fucking balls...

    • That's obviously not the type of blocking I'm talking about

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    • I just block creeps, stalkers, people who start arguments over the littlest things, and people who just won't stop bothering, arguing with me. I don't need none of that shit.

    • @99percentangel What are you like the tooth fairy? The 99% angel appears whenever someone uses 99% in an opinion? :p

  • Some people are addicted to having the last word, arguing the loudest, arguing the longest, etc. because they think that means they are right. It is stupid to the Nth power.

  • to feed a troll because of your love for animals? i call them trolls if they won't stop after you get your point across lol.

  • when a person blocks someone that means the person is not open minded and probably believes

    which basically means there stupid cause a person should listen and even if they don't agree, study it out too see if what the person is saying is true

    like this simple statement

    george bush and obama are cousins
    and all the presidents are related so votes don't matter it's already been decided before hand

    the poll system is a lie

    study it out and see if what im saying is true
    or don't study and stay ignorant it's the persons choice

    • This is the internet not real life. So a person is suppose to allow a user to keep blowing up their notification bar wiry antagonistic comments?

    • if you really wanna get people too stop blowing up
      tell them you will research it trust me it works most of the time lol

  • Well what do you think? Why? This is an interesting post you wrote. Usually when trolls ask questions or give opinions, they block people because they want to have the last word of the argument. Looking through this thread, it looks like you did that and you stated in this post that this is what you do. You clearly can't argue back without attacking the person, especially when the argument obviously had some evidence in it. Be aware that when both opponents are anonymous, no one knows who is who and it would make you look stupid to say 'you have no evidence that it's me.'

    Maybe your lack of experience is why you get this circle of notifications and run into so many issues with people on here. Or maybe you are the one who trolls and starts quarrels, miss anonymous! I rarely have this issue on here because I avoid trolls and arguments as much as I can. I don't try to get my point across to people who seem like they just don't get it. It's best to avoid these things on here.

    You block people because you can't hold out an argument properly. Attack the argument, not the person, because attacking them makes it worse. Fix your grammar. Learn to be more emotionally mature because your profile says you are an adult now. Learn the basics of arguments too. Thank you.

    End of discussion.

    • How can you say that when your are anonymous too? At least I'm not trolling

    • Oh you made another account to reply to me at. You know that's against the rules right? Just because you are anon does not mean that the admins will not find out. Ha ha I blocked one user from this post because he was accusing me of being a mod, and that user was you. How pathetic that you are obsessed with me.

  • I rarely venture into arguments online; it's like that meme picture, with an image of a guy in the special olympics and the text said "Arguing on the internet is like partaking in the special olympics; even though you win you're still retarded".

    When I sense that people are getting argumentative with me, I just stop replying to them


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  • What I don't quite get is how you would know they are butthurt and complaining in the first place when you've blocked them so they actually can't comment or message you at all anymore?🤔

    • Because they became that way before I blocked them obviously and people on gag do post questions complaining about this

    • I don't think you've quite understood my question but ok. Now to actually answer yours, I'd guess it's because people on here just love arguing and hate being shut out of an argument that way. For some reason it seems to give them an ego boost to bring others down either by winning the argument or by resorting to insulting you when they know they don't actually have a point - and usually the latter is the case. But oh well, my advice is: just ignore them.

  • Exactly. I have to block them becuase they won't stop commenting, when I tell them a argument is over. I don't need them to keep bothering me. If you don't want to be blocked then stop bothering other users, am I right?

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