Dont you find many users' answers on GAG to be highly contradictory, pessimistic, or not helpful but just out to bash?

Seriously, I know this is opinions and everyone's is different based on experiences, but overall my experience with this site has not been that good because the advice is sooo contradictory, and I feel as if many are out not for intent to take each situation into account, and to help, but to assert their advice that is colored in suppressed emotions, completely pessimistic, OR to honestly just make the asker feel worse.

For example, with the questions I've asked recently, you guys have told me:

"Why would you have sex this early in dating him, he obviously was only looking for sex and you gave it to him, you should have not been so quick to jump into bed"

and in the next breath (right before we had sex)

"You guys aren't even anything yet because you haven't had sex. I could see if you had sex that you would be something more but right now you aren't. And if a guy is interested you'd be having sex relatively soon"

Seriously have received numerous in both, and I SWEAR from the same users !!

or another,

"you've only known each other for a short period, you cannot expect to be exclusive yet. That's crazy! Wow so clingy!"

and again, next breath,

"if he liked you, he'd be pursuing a relationship with YOU. But he is open to meeting others so he isn't interested, you're only a booty call"

Again, same users are giving me the same advice on different questions.

Anyone else experience something similar?

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  • it's because this kind of website attracts the crowd of people who get off on being right.


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  • People come here more to pass the time than to give helpful advice really. We all interpret and see things differently as well, so someone's advice may not reflect what five other people think.


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  • of course they're contradictory, they're human after all. take the good advice and leave the bad.

  • Depends how you interpret it doesn't it? we all interpret things differently maybe you are a little sensitive maybe not but you have the choice to take or leave their opinions.

    • I don't think it's "sensitive" by noting patterns I see. Im not saying I'm emotionally affected by such opinions. I'm saying I came here for advice but a lot of people aren't really here to give honest advice

    • Seeing typed words and actually hearing a voice and tone makes a big difference so what i am saying is your interpretation of only the words you see may not necessarily be the same if you were to hear them spoken, and the people who are not here to give honest advice, why would you even bother with their advice, just overlook it.

    • True true

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