Do you think GAG allow female bashing of men to occur more so than reverse?

Do you think this site let women get a free pass to make generalized assumptions about men and bash them even in comment section such as referring to guys as "bitter","virgins", "can't get any pussy".

Do you think GAG allow female bashing of men to occur more so than reverse ?

Yet, any remark made towards women behavior that does not paint them in a perfect light gets take down very fast? I find any question that talks about real problems that aren't PC involving girls get take down very fast on GAG because the girls on this site flag it very quickly when they start losing a debate.

I saw 2 questions this morning talking about some real problem in the Western World that got taken down just because it painted women negatively.

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  • This site is full of sexism towards both genders.

    • Yes the difference is female sexism/opinion don't constantly keep getitng your question has been removed for being too antagonistic or offensive no matter how offensive it is.

      It's like gag admins don't want to hurt women's feelings.

    • But are like men have thicker skin so they can take it. No matter how offensive it is.

    • Personally I think far too much stuff on here doesn't get removed. But I guess if you removed all the offensive stuff there wouldn't be much left, lol.

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