Can an admin temp freeze my account an remove some questions?

iv been having issues with random questions being asked on my account and my password is being changed can an admin pls freeze my account or remove the questions.


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  • They can.. unfortunately I'm not U-mod anymore, so I can't do it for you..
    Did you change your password since?

    • no it ended today. now i just have to wait till i can disavow 2 questions.

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  • We do not remove posts per user request. Unless the post violates our posting guidelines, we won't remove it.

    However, if you feel that your account has been accessed by someone else, you can change your login information by going to your settings page. There, you can change your password and email, then click "save."


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  • The posts cannot be removed unless they violate site rules. I recommend changing your password as soon as you can.

  • @xhoneyxbeex

    Perhaps an admin could assist?

    And have you changed your password since then?

  • Not sure if they would remove them unless it violates the website.

  • Someone hacked your account?

    • yes. the person posted 2 questions 1 anon and the other a few minutes ago i finally got back on an saw them.

    • You should change your password asap.. and disavow the questions.. your profile will be no longer connected to them and you won't get notifications..

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