Anybody else think there should be some kind of heads up signal for this?

So you find a question, or Take or something and you read it and you know, its good, and you have a good opinion/comment on your mind because you can relate in some way right? and you spend some time writing your opinion/comment and its over 900+ characters, i mean, Long. Then you press "Post" just to be told you are not allowed to post because you are blocked by the user...
What kind of Catch22 is that? I believe if someone has you blocked, when you view their username, there should be some form of heads up that the person has you blocked, maybe their names are gray rather than pink or blue, or there's a symbol next to it... something.
Its only happened to me 3 times but thats my number before things start showing a trend and getting irritating. Im finding out I'm blocked by people I've never even talked to or heard of... thats amazing.
Anyone else think there should be some kind of signal/sign to show if you are blocked by a certain user, so you don't have to waste your time and communicate with those who are willing to have a conversation/debate?
Sad part, these people only have me blocked because on ONE question only, my opinion differed from theirs and they couldn't come up with good points to defend their ideas so they resorted to blocking.


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  • Yeah, I've mentioned this before. I do think it stinks in those situations to write something well thought out only to find that you have been blocked unfortunately.

    • Then you don't even know what to do with yourself lol...

    • "Well, fuck you, too," is how it should go. :P I've only had it happen once, and I didn't leave a lengthy comment anyway.

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  • That's a good idea, man. I recently found out that I was blocked by I girl I've never even crossed paths with. I think that not only should there be a head's up, but that you shouldn't even see their profile anymore once you've blocked/been blocked by them.

    • thats a bit extreme, but i can see it being an option. Like if someone is harassing you and you want them gone gone regardless. Many people on here just block for the stupidest reasons. the person that inspired the question, i think disagreed with my opinion months ago... then wrote a very nice take and when i tried to comment... nothing. permanent blocking over one petty incident.

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    • Wow... she's a wuss, man. She didn't want to feel your wrath. Lol.

    • smart little girl i'd say, she knew i'd come in with fire and brimstone raining lol

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  • This could be related to rasism.
    But are you supposed to care about people who blocked your or something?
    What are they for you? nothing or let's say in that way "Ground zero".
    You should not be aware of people, who you even don't know.
    Ignore and let them hate you, in that way they will know
    that you're always on the top.
    Like me.

    • i said something similar to someone else who stated that i might have enemies... and i responded that having enemies means you are doing something right. there will always be haters. i live for haters.

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