I have some specific questions that I would like answered regarding this site. I hope the people responsible for the content of GAG respond. Please?

Here are my questions:

1) When someone replies to a post, the reply is displayed in response to "asker" or "opinion owner". These terms are not very clear. I ask that instead of asker or opinion owner you display the username even when anonymous. Or at the the very least, you can keep "asker" but replace "opinion owner" with the actual poster's name.

2) As for anonymous users, why not make someone create a user name to post or respond to questions? It will help your current users feel like more of a community. If you think you will lose revenue if you make people register, that is a fair answer to me. Though I think I could argue that if someone creates a user name they will probably revisit the site than someone that just posts anonymously. Unless your financial value is on unique visits and not repeat visits. Then you have me again.

3) Once you post something, I would like the ability to edit my post. If you can not provide an edit feature, I would like a delete feature, if possible.

4) Your site is very slow and crashes my browers. I use a MAC OS and use chrome and firefox. Both browsers have issues loading pages or have issue trying to respond to posts. If you are at any way concerned with getting repeat visits to your site, then I suggest you fix this. I do believe that you could have a lot of repeat business and it could double or triple your site visitation, if you fix this.

That is all I can think of for now. I hope someone takes the time to answer my questions.

Thanks for the site. I have enjoyed a lot of my time here and wish to spend more time. Unfortunately, if it takes so long to view, post and respond, I will probably not continue.

I appreciate the responses so far.

I think I should clarify #1 from #2. While I still think this site should not allow anonymous posting (Question #2), that opinion in no way affects #1.

Question #1 has to do with clarity. It is hard to follow a conversation or a line of thought when you are busy trying to figure out what replies belongs to who.

Please remove that, if you can. I would be forever grateful. It would ease reading and better facilitate the understanding of a poster's opinion.
#5 As the asker, I can only update my question or respond to posts. I would like the ability to post a thought without it being an update or a response. Is that possible?


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  • Any suggestions or complaints, you can send to the admins https://www.girlsaskguys.com/contact

    1: Asker means the question asker. And the opinion owner or OP (original poster) means the poster of the opinion, which were replied to.

    For your 3rd question, it's in the FAQ: https://www.girlsaskguys.com/faq/posts#61
    Quoting: "Once you have submitted a question, take, opinion, or reply, you cannot edit or delete it. We do not remove posts per user request. If it doesn't violate any site rules, we won't remove it. Please carefully consider what you post before clicking Submit so as to avoid 'post regret'."

    Questions can be updated however, and after a while, also "disavowed" which cuts all ties to it, as well as your account.

    One of the primary reasons that one cannot edit or delete posts, is so that people cannot abuse the feature and say one thing, then edit/delete it and deny it.


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  • 1. If the asker/opinion poster has gone anonymous, their username will never appear since they are... anonymous.

    2. Some users do not want their usernames attached to certain questions, usually of a personal nature. That doesn't mean they go anonymous all the time, and they would like to make connections/friendships while here on other questions. Some users do go anonymous all the time, and that is because they don't want their identity out there as part of the community or they just want to answer questions and move on. That's just how it goes. I don't think it lessens the community feeling.

    3. It would be nice to edit posts, but there would be users that abuse that feature. I'm assuming that's the main reason it hasn't been implemented yet. Trolls would use it to post inappropriate things and then edit it before getting the entire post or question deleted.

    4. I've never had issues while using Chrome, but I do have a Windows computer. I'm not sure how much of a difference that makes.


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  • I presume logic for (1) If you had two anons it may be difficult to tell asker and opinion owner in a 3 way conversation (2) Most anons have a username a/c they opt to post as anons (3) This one is a demand by many but having edit can cause problems example I post question "Are all people equal? - I get I presume positive responses supporting statement then I go back and edit "Isn't it true some people are better than others?", the other part deleting posts or questions, I have no problem with (4) On a phone it drives me mad, I only use laptop now. I don't know if it will help but it you post 20 opinions in a day you go ad free for 24 hours or get over 5,000 Xper you are totally ad free, that may speed up loading.

  • I support you points, although I have not had a problem with GAG on Safari on my Mac, or the application on my iPhone 4S.


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  • Hi! You raise a lot of interesting points but I think you are confused about point #2. Most anonymous users are already registered and have usernames, they can simply select to post 'anonymously' which means their username is not revealed to the rest of the community. That is the users choice.

    Regarding point #4, I also use a Mac and switch between Safari and Chrome browsers. I have not experienced the issue you are referring to. You could try clearing your cache or cookies on those browsers and see if that helps the performance at all. If not, you can let us know and we can look into it to see if there may be an issue on our end. You can contact us by messaging me directly or by filling out a contact form here: www.girlsaskguys.com/contact

    Thank you for your feedback and we will take your thoughts/ideas into consideration as we continue to make improvements to the site! :)

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