May leave girls ask guys?

Because I don't use it anymore

I said I may leave haven't decided yet


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  • Whatever Your own Reason of the Season, @EaglesRock, Don't just "May leave girls ask guys.' It's always Wise to Leave your Profile Open for at least Awhile.
    Just in case you ever feel like coming back one day, Leave it alone and Take some time for yourself at Home.
    Many come and go, Some Deactivate and then if they want to Return, they have to Find another Username and even lose their Level by having to Start over Again.
    I have spoken to quite a few here, dear, who merely at times take a Break from Gag.
    Good luck in Whatever you Do. xx

    • Thank you, @EaglesRock for the Vote of Confidence, and along with Me it seems being the only Thank you here, dear, are also the only one who says glad you didn't deactivate as of late. xx

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  • You can always keep the account - Don't have to deactivate just log on if or when you feel like it.

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