Am I the only one that find 40+ gag tend to be little bias in favor of women?

Sometimes i really wonder if these are troll accounts or actual men in their 40+ who still think girls today act like girls in their time or only see the nice girl facade that a lot of women show to only people.
Am i the only one that find 40+ gag tend to be little bias in favor of women ?In every gender debate question/mytake I often see members in this age group tend to be little arrogant thinking that their age makes them better and more knowledgeable about dating, relationship and opposite sex as it applies to 21st century dating.

I also see in gender war type question or ones where a guy is criticizing girl's behavior or dating double standards that men from this age group will often swoop in to attack the male side that agrees calling them misogynist. In addition to this they will reply back to a few female comments.

In addition, I can't understand why some of these guys encourage girls to be slutty or a more accurate term sexually free. You'd think that maybe some of them have daughters themselves and they wouldn't want to know their daughter was giving it up to just anyone but a lot of them encourage young women to explore their sexuality and sleep with as many men possible.

All in all they appear quite liberal.

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* nice girl facade that a lot of women show to older people.


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  • Yea, 40+men tend to favor women, regardless if she is wrong or not. They came from a different time and don't really understand the amount of damage feminism has done. Its really pathetic and sad.


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  • I haven't really paid attention to that, but I haven't seen many of those comments made.

  • ... a little biased in favour of women? You mean not choosing to live in an alternate reality they've created for themselves where women are the spawn of the devil, which helps some (like yourself) feel better that not many women will give them a second glance?

    • I don't entirely blame you for being upset. Men constantly suck up to women in real life. So, being criticized even a little online must come as a shock.

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    • LOL !! tell'em girl

    • @evenlift women criticizing men?
      How dare they? Scandalous!

  • Yeah all those old perverts on teen girls how do I look questions are just soooo ~liberal~ and biased. It's like the old
    Pervs want to have sex with those children or something!

  • the real world is not a male vs female war though

    • Gender wars are spilling over into real world and while men and women aren't killing one another due to laws being put in place. There is clear signs of mistrust among the genders, hate, and many males/females actively choosing to avoid interacting with each other unless they really need to.

  • Are you talking about @jacquesvol? I think he was always a liberal. They exist in older generations too.

    If anything, I have noticed the opposite - conservative grandpas that can't bear to change with the times. You know, the ones that call black people names and are petrified of being labelled homosexual.

  • Why you bring politics in this? Seems like everyone brings politics into something

    • Logical.
      Presidential elections and a woman dares to run for POTUS. No conservative trumpo can permit himself not to hate women thus.

  • " nice girl facade that a lot of women show to older people."
    its not a facade... and its also nothing you'll see from a woman because you sound hateful yourself

    they are respectful... so they get respect in return :)


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  • I encourage young women to have sex if they want to have sex. These days we can enjoy sex with little chance of disease or unwanted pregnancy. Isn't modern science great! I don't encourage young women to have sex because they think it will get some man to stick around and love them and maybe marry them, because it won't. And yeah, I have a daughter and I hope she does the same, makes choices to please herself instead of being slut-shamed by jealous idiots.

  • Tough call - It would involve a close look at how the group interact with both genders of all age groups - I can only answer for myself but since I am in that group it may have some reflection on the issue - I hope I approach each question as an individuals situation rather than a group/gender question - If there is any bias in my remarks it is totally subconscious - There will some who would say I gave quite liberal advice to them and others who may say I have given quite prudish/conservative advice. Honestly what I try to do is put myself in the person's position and think what advice would I like to be told if I was them. I think to have a visceral, emotional, impulsive response on tap is dangerous just step back and analyse to try to pick the best path for everyone maybe without slamming anybody, trying to help all concerned,

  • Do you REALLY think 21st century dating is that different?
    Some 'etiquette' rules change, but they are very different from city to city, country to country anyway.
    Nothing new thus. Humans are humans. But misogyny is rampant on the internet, G@g included.

    • Did your generation have tinder where you can not only fuck people within your state but see the profile pictures of people from other states/countries and meet up with them to fuck?

      Did your generation have social media and the amount of women recieving praise and attention from men about how beautiful and precious they are. It not only restricted to men within their region but men from other countries thereby validating the girl and making her think she is hot shit?

      Did your generation have breakdown of family unit and media encouraging male disposability and women treating men with disrespect?

      Did your generation have high amount government programs put in place to act as safety net if a woman fucked up in her dating choices in picking a wrong mate and ended up a single mother?

      Did your generation have people glued and tied to their phones and who were too afraid to interact face to face?

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    • And old people will continue to be senile. What else is new.

    • But some guys have a puberty which starts late.

  • Yes, they are.

    But, in real life, almost all men of whatever ages suck up to women. That's why women online are so shocked and upset when they get anything less than total and unreserved praise.

    • @ kaylaS91 Please read some history.

      Most people could not vote until relatively recently. In fact, in the Deep South, white women could vote long before non-white men and non-white women. So, shall we say that white women are oppressors? Or, for another example, what do you think about the fact that the British government, the United States government and others enslaved young men for military service while denying them the right to vote (until the voting age was reduced to 18), while recognizing the right of women to vote, who had never been forced to risk their lives?

      As for being denied an income, I think what you are referring to (if you do indeed have better than a vague idea of what you mean) is how the law in many jurisdictions used to recognize a wife's property as being transferred to her husband upon marriage. But, note: 1. Marriage required the woman's consent. A single woman could continue to own her own property. 2. The husband took on legal burdens, not only rights.

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    • lol yea sure that has to be it

    • Funny thing about ability to vote. Men were allowed to vote because men fought for their country. It was baically a deal made with the state you have a voice of input in how a country should be run if you are willing to defend that country. Voting wasn't a privileged men got just for being men.

      While men basically handed the voting privileged over to women later in history no strings attached.

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