Why is there so much sexism and double standards on this website?

So two takes were done and literally the only difference was changing the genders and their gender roles. It was written in the same tone and everything but got very different responses.



The male gender role one was met with harsh criticism. But the female gender role one was praised. And these very double standard commentators are some of the people I see here asking all the time why guys don't talk about their issues. Because the very people asking that question are the ones that spit on men when they do talk about their issues... And that is happening ON THIS SITE.


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  • And people wonder why men are killing themselves, turning their backs on relationships and becoming bitter and jaded.
    As a guy who lost everything to a woman, my house, my life savings, my life-
    In fact every woman I've been with has cheated or fucked me around at some point.- fuck women and relationships.

    I'm sick of constantly hearing what assholes guys are, how women have it so hard and how much better women are.
    Not by my experiance.
    Women are generally selfish, needy, and inconsiderate.


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  • Every place must have its troubles.

    • that is not acceptable excuse.

    • @anonman32

      That's cause it's not an excuse. But if you want an excuse, I'll give it to you.

      After skimming through the mytakes, I don't find it surprising that the guy was met with harsh criticism while the girl was praised. The girl's mytake showed how she wants to do more (lift heavy objects, pay her share), while the guy attempted to rid himself of what is "expected" of him. I'm not saying that the guy is wrong to want those things, I'm just saying it's not surprising that it didn't go over well.

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  • wow thanks for speaking out about it. our issues are real but if you talk about them you are playing the victim card. well sorry for having issues and being human.

  • Men aren't allowed to be men anymore and anything traditionally masculine must be destroyed or have feminism imposed upon it such as sport while they demand equal rights but want special treatment at the same time.

  • Honestly as a guy, i just no longer care what people (especially women say). I lost all hope for women. I'm so tired of it. I just want to be on my own, focus on a career, have a dog, and drink beer on the weekends with my friends


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